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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Teach Yourself Inbound Marketing

The word marketing normally refers to presenting yourself. Inbound marketing is different from simple marketing in a way that, in simple marketing you have to go out and attract people by showing and presenting something interesting. On the other hand … Continue reading

A Report on How US Teen Use Advanced Technologies

AdvertismentTeenagers are famous for their high level of communication with friends. Most of the conversations are tried to hide from parents and teachers for the sake of privacy. Now in this technological time period teens use gadgets and devices for … Continue reading

Marketing with Low Budget

Transferring the concept of goods and services to the ultimate consumer is marketing. Marketing involves four things product, price, promotion and place. With a combination of these four things you can market your products and services. Now a days it … Continue reading


Necessary Negotiation Skills for Salespeople

A sales person is an individual involved in selling goods to other people. The success of a sales person is measured with the quantity of products sold by him or her within a specific time period by using his or … Continue reading

Apps Making Life Easier

Mobile applications normally referred to as “apps” are the applications software designed specially to run on smartphones and tablet computers. They provide the user with similar services as those accessed through PC. These are normally individual small units with limited … Continue reading

Guide to Design A Logo

A logo is a symbol, icon, design or an image which conveys a concise message of an organization. A logo is designed to make the organizations recognizable and for that purpose it needs to be original, striking, impressive and memorable. … Continue reading

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