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5 Creative Ways for Launching a Product Using Social Media

Launching a new product or services need some special attention and it can be both very exciting and stressful process. To make it exciting and successful, you will need a proper launch plan and tools. So, if you are going to launch a product or services then you will learn some creative ways using social media in this article.


For product launch, traditional methods of date announcing and one day ceremonies have vanished over the time due to the emergence and popularity of social media networks. Internet has changed the ways of launching of new products just as it has changed all the other things happening in the market. Companies have adopted ways like live streaming of launch event, giving information to the reporters to get the news out, telling the bloggers so that they can write and create buzz related to your product or services online. Social media and many other mediums have made this launch process bit easy as well as there is some difficulty both at the same time.

The best way to decide which medium of launching can be adopted depends highly on the target market for which the product is to be launched. Every new and coming generation has its own preferred ways of knowing and getting insight into the launching of new products and services. After the television commercials and traditional advertisements, Facebook is the most widely used and accepted medium of launching new products these days. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Meerkat, Instagram and Snapchat are also used to stir a small wave of excitement in the market about the upcoming new products and services.

Social media has become the integral part of marketing and product launch campaigns to grab the attention of people with the lowest and minimal cost expenditures. Following are explained five different and effective ways of launching new products using social media platforms:

  1. Create a Facebook Teaser Campaign:

Whenever, the idea comes up in your mind start a campaign on the Facebook leaving a bit of the idea and asking its followers the question about what might be coming their way. Ask people about getting different ideas of social media tools which can be used for future launching of the products.

Small fragments of the idea can be posted after every interval of time to excite the people for upcoming events. When creating a teaser campaign on Facebook try posting different statuses related to the new product with and without pictures. Keep posting as the progress is happening in the launch of products. To keep the curiosity among followers make a code name for the project and keep using it whenever you talk about it. Always stay careful as it should be a teaser campaign just to excite the followers and do not release any important information before time.


  1. Create Videos related to your products:

Create small videos showing the behind the scenes of working on the launch or small informational videos about the upcoming products is very important. Videos can be created at the very early stage to give the users an excitement and information by presenting some enchanting visuals. Make a series of small ads and keep posting them as the product moves ahead its launch time. Every coming video should tell a new story about the product to keep the excitement alive in the followers.

Always write down a script before you start making a video of your own. Record the video in different segments and keep adding the photos relevant to the products, its features and How to, tips and advice for best usability. Try adding an original and personal music in the video whenever needed as it gives a total new and thrilled sense to the launch. You can upload videos on your site or product page and also upload them onto your YouTube channel to make it viral. YouTube is an effective platform for video promotion and getting attention of targeted audience.

  1. Create Contests:

Contests are usually made for the user generated content purposes. They are the simple yet a bit expensive ways of creating a wave of awareness among the people about the new coming products. These contests make people excited about winning something and for that they keep sharing about new campaign all over the social media. This is like spreading information through word of mouth technique which ultimately increases the sales.

It is a great way to create a buzz before launching something new. People find these contests and quizzes fun and appealing. They not only create the awareness by engaging people but also build a strong relationship with the followers and users. Contests can be created by keeping in mind the basic theme of the upcoming idea.

  1. Use the “Coming Soon” Message:

As the launch date comes nearer, give a coming soon message to your followers on the social media and give them an idea that something new is on their way. A totally new page with the bio telling something is coming can be made separate from the main page of the brand. Images and different GIFs can also be created depicting the message coming soon. Apart from that the captions with coming soon can also be used whenever some content related to the brand is posted.

  1. Use Social Media as a Supporting Character:

Use Social Media Platforms as the supporting character and not the main leads, keep creating buzz around the people through these platforms and then have a main extravagant launch event. Attract as many people through social media as possible and then give them a chance to attend the main event. Do not only depend on the social media despite the fact that a large number of people are using these platforms there are still people who might not go through such campaigns. Being a new product launcher you cannot afford to miss a single potential buyer from getting noticed.

Always have a special launch team including the expert marketers, PR specialists, web developers, advertisement makers and Salespeople. After getting each bit of detail from all these people then make a proper plan to launch the product through social media.

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