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A Report on How US Teen Use Advanced Technologies


Teenagers are famous for their high level of communication with friends. Most of the conversations are tried to hide from parents and teachers for the sake of privacy. Now in this technological time period teens use gadgets and devices for communication without even having any privacy concerns. Previous generation had to hide the letters and phone calls now it’s so easy to stay connected through SMS or any social media. How is this helping marketing as teens are the maximum users of technology and social media? Well, it is changing the whole trend of marketing companies are busy in targeting people through their cell phones and other gadgets they are using. Let us have a detailed look at the figures from Pew Research Center’s Teens, Social Media and Technology Report, showing trends of how the teens of US are using technologies.

Teens i.e. kids within the age of 13 to 17 of US have access to multiple devices like, smartphones, basic cell phones, PC, Laptop or Tablet. Only 4% of teens have access to only one device and 1% have no access to any of the devices.

Cell Phone Ownership

88% of teens have access to mobile phones and mostly of them use their smartphones as a substitute of personal computers. 73% of teens have smartphones and the rest 15% have ordinary cellphones. These figures can help the marketers in targeting those 88% teens who are using smartphones, they should make strategies for that otherwise there are chances that they may fail.

Personal Computer or Tablet Ownership

87% of teens in US have access to or have a desktop computer or a laptop. In the case of tablets the figures are 58% teens. Family’s income is a major factor between having a computer or a tablet. Marketers and manufacturers of computer can target those teens as most of them have access to them. Tablets are a luxury and marketers can use this figure to target a certain class of people.

Use of Internet

Research shows that 91% of teens in US go to internet via their mobile phones and most of them are the African American teens. Overall 92% of teens go online every day. From which 24% are online constantly, 56% go online many times a day, 12% go online once in a whole day and only 2% go online less often than once a week. So, the marketers now know most of the teens in US come online at least once a day and they can easily target them when they want to.

Texting Habits

91% of teens use text message medium to interact either with the mobile phone or any app or website. 33% of them use apps like Kik and WhatsApp, girls use messaging apps more than the boys. Small teen girls send an average of 40 texts per day while older teen girls send an average of 50 texts per day. 18% of teens from families earning less than $ 30,000 annually and 7% of teens from high earning families do not send text messages. The cost of text message can be a reason for this. Marketers should be available via text messages if they want to target the teens.

Video Chat Usage

47% of the US teens are using video chat medium for the communication purposes. Applications used are Skype, Oovoo, Facetime and Omegle. Older teen girls are at the higher end of this video chat usage.

Social Media Usage

71% of teens in US use Facebook and have an average of 145 friends in their Facebook friend lists. 34% teens have no idea how many friends they have and 15% of them have more than 300 friends.

52% of teens use Instagram for sharing photos and videos. 61% of teen girls use Instagram and 44% of teen boys and have an average of 150 followers.

41% of teens in US use Snapchat for sharing videos and images. 51% of teen girls and 31% of teen boys are using Snapchat.

33% of teens in US are using Twitter. 45% of girls within the age of 15 to 17 use it. And the teen users have an average of 95 followers.

24% of teens use Vine app to record 6 seconds videos. 33% of teens are using Google +. 44% of teens use Tumblr.

All these figures show us the level of usage of technologies. While the teenagers are busy in communicating with friends all the technologies and apps are evolving on a high a rate. This data is a great opportunity for them.

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