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Addiction to Electronics Changing Lives Totally

A normal household spends a great portion of its income in consumer electronics. Things like HD televisions, cell phones, computers, laptops, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and much more are the part of consumer electronics category. The industry is being revolutionized in past few years as the trend of buying consumer electronics has changed a lot. People want convenience and ease in their lives and for them companies manufacture electronic devices which cater all their needs. An individual not being specific to the family, also spends a lot in buying electronic devices like peripherals for computer and laptops, cell phone accessories, digital cameras and a lot more. Technology is getting smarter and smarter along with being affordable and easy to use by every increasing day.


Everything we use has some pros and cons. Electronic devices apart from being the most accommodating and helpful in completing daily chores can have some effects on other aspects of life as well. Environment is effected in a great deal at the cost of these electronic devices. A huge amount of raw materials, energy and working hours are required to design,manufacture and deliver all these products to the end consumers. All this energy, raw materials and working hours are turned double and triple as mostly people change old devices twice or even thrice a year to buy the latest versions. All this brings in our environment a lot of dangerous waste materials and once they are not properly disposed or recycled can be very toxic for the soil. This soil is the ultimate source of our food and water hence automatically affecting our health and lives.


By throwing away an electronic device in a bin of trash rather than recycling it properly we are doing injustice with our coming generations as the environment is getting affected a great amount. We are leaving all the dangerous chemicals for our children and grandchildren to come in this world. An enormous use of consumer electronics is not only affecting the environment but also the social lives of people. Our physical health as well as relationships have to suffer a lot because of this. Everyone loves technology, including me too. I can work from anywhere I can communicate from anywhere and I can earn from anywhere. But, being honest it has totally ruined our social life. Children are busy watching cartoons all day long, playing games on every available portable device rather than going out of the house for some time and have healthy and refreshing activities.

It is not only the kids who are totally different from the previous active generations, it is me you and everyone else too. No matter we get a minute or two spare we open our cell phones and get involved in them so much that we have no idea what is happening in our surroundings. We have made ourselves so obsessed with these devices that we do not have time for ourselves. We are not giving ourselves some moments to stay calm and quite to enjoy the natural beauty and peace around us. We have destroyed our lives with our very own hands. We do not value our relationships the way our previous generations used to. We have friends but social media friends, we chat with them all day long but we do not meet them and have a quality time relaxing and having fun.

I am not concluding that all these devices are of no use and we would be living really well without them, all I mean to say is a balance in everything can be the best. Use technology use electronic devices but do not forget to have a time for yourself as well. Relax your mind and body as the level of stress and anxiety is another outcome of the excessive use of these consumer electronics.

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