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Apple’s Win Over Samsung: What It Entails for Consumers and the Future of the Industry

The case between Apple and Samsung is a high-profile case known to almost everyone because of the fact that the two biggest stalwarts of the tech industry are battling it over patent issues. Did Samsung really copy Apple or not? This issue has been the talk of the town since two of the most popular handsets today, namely the iPhone and the Galaxy, are flagship handsets of each company.

After a long-drawn out trial, the court as well as the jury found that Samsung was indeed guilty of copying iPhone’s software design and hardware. There are lots of purported proofs presented to verify this and one of which is the obvious similarity between the two smartphones’ forms. As such, the decision bestowed by the jury has now rendered Samsung as the guilty party and includes a ruling where they have to pay $1 billion in damages to Apple.

Despite the decision the jury has given, Samsung is already set to appeal in the injunction hearing this coming September 20, 2012. In this procedure, the court will identify or finalize the list that contains the products produced by Samsung that will be banned for distribution and sale in US.


In any case, this is set to be good news for smartphone consumers. Why, you may ask? As a consumer, we will get to see more innovation in future since other players in the smartphone industry will be well aware of the fact of the dangers of copying. In essence, this means that we will get to see more inventive and novel ideas in new devices set to be released in the time to come.

No longer will it be the case where companies will feel the need to ride the momentum of Apple’s success. Contrary to the common conception that Samsung’s loss will derail and stifle the competition in the mobile phone industry, it can be seen as an opportunity for other companies to develop and conceive their own ideas and designs from scratch. Plain copying, as the San Jose jury’s found, is simply injudicious.

As in the case of Microsoft, they have proven that it is admittedly possible to innovate a new user interface and model design without having to resort to imitation. This just bolsters the fact that originality these days is still possible even with the influx of new devices coming out year after year.

On the other hand, although Samsung was defeated in the case, it has already made better plans for the future of their whole tech line. They are now in the phase of developing and refining new software and hardware that they could use in their new and upcoming products. All in all, there’s no doubt that in the aftermath of the case, Apple will be deemed as one of the most belligerent in protecting their patent rights in the technological industry. This issue definitely helps establish the real matter in question – how today’s competition in technology has become a bureaucracy that’s as elaborate and impenetrable as the litigation system.

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