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B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey Pre-Survey Checklist!

Online businesses need to know more about their customers than any other physical existing business. The reason why they need extra efforts to know their customers is that they never usually have any one-on-one interaction with them. The factors involved in customer satisfaction are very important to understand their needs and improvement required at your end. A lot many things influence a customer’s level of satisfaction. The elements influencing the customer satisfaction also vary with the passage of time. This makes it necessary to have an updated customer satisfaction survey before developing any strategies and plans to reach them.


Planning is the most important part of organizing surveys and analyses. A pre-survey checklist demonstrating all the important parts of the survey is essential and must. The better planning a B2B platform will have before conducting and developing a survey the more results it will be generating. Conducting a complete survey can provide you satisfaction and success in increasing the revenue of the online business platforms.

To know more about how to satisfy the customers the following key points need to be considered while developing a survey:

  1. Considering and Working on the Feedback:

If you being a business want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey just because someone has suggested doing so or your quality standards require you to have it means that the business itself is not willing to adopt and make any changes. For this purpose, you will need to have an in-house paper based survey. It will eliminate the expectations of the customers and they will not feel bad and react whenever nothing will be done. This shows your business’s lack of commitment towards considering what your customers are suggesting you to do and you are ignoring them.

On the other hand, if you being a business realize the worth of feedback from your clients and customers and you yourself are committed to making changes then you can utilize effectively below described part of the checklist. Do not ever forget the fact that the more you will be focused in developing the survey properly the more you will be getting the results. Customer feedback and suggestions should always be the reason behind starting the survey.

  1. Who Do You Want to Hear From?

A B2B platform has usually strong and continuous relationships with the customers who are buying again and again from it. Possibly there will be one or more customers in a strong relationship with you which might have so many other contact points beneficial for your business. Such customers should always be considered while getting the feedback and suggestions as they are related to your business in so many ways and for that reason they will always give honest and useful feedback.

Secondly, salespeople should also be involved while deciding among the people who you want to hear from. Sales people are the ones who work the most with the customers and their suggestions of people will definitely be very helpful for the business. But remember not to make them the sole decision makers as they might choose the people of their own choice and not the ones which should actually be chosen. Never choose a non-customer for getting the feedback as the person who has never interacted with your business cannot give a detailed and honest opinion. Your customer satisfaction survey should only be based on your customers as they are the only ones explaining the systems and procedures accurately.


  1. Characterized Feedback:

Now after deciding who are the most important customers from whom you will be hearing from the next thing is to know who started what. It will be beneficial for so many reasons, your top rated customers may have different backgrounds from which they may belong to hence their suggestions and feedbacks can vary with each other. Hence, keeping the details of customers as which one has said what points will help in decision making. The surveys are mostly conducted with the help of many organizations. Therefore, being a B2B platform you need to conduct survey with the organization which can provide you the characterized results after the survey.

  1. Deciding the Questions:

Some people suggest having only one question in the survey but that one question based survey can annoy an operations person as he/she requires knowledge from all the dimensions. A simple statement that the bus is running late without any further information about what might be the reasons behind it running late is actually worth nothing. Similarly, a one liner answer for a B2B customer satisfaction survey that after sales services are not working well is not going to help in making changes. All the details about the flaws in the services are required to be known to actually make the service better in future.

  1. Asking the Right Questions for the Right People:

A survey is all about questions and the people from whom they are asked. There is no need to first tell the customers that they are the ones who are really very important from the business and then ask them about something that they do not know about. Different people belonging to different parts of the business can fall in your category of important customers. Therefore, it is necessary to develop different questions for people belonging to different categories. The results can only be helpful only when the right questions will be asked from the right people.

  1. Use of Customers’ Language:

Always conduct the customer satisfaction survey in the language which is easily understandable to the customers. It is good to use technical language but it should never be confusing the people as the answers will never come the way they are expected to.

  1. Keep Updated Information About Your Customers:

The contact information that you have saved from a long time in your database need to stay updated as the changes might have occurred in the contact details of your most important customers over the passage of time.

  1. Rate of Response:

Being a B2B you do not normally have a long list of customers in your database to interact and contact with. Therefore, it becomes really necessary that you add such people which will provide the information. You need to have most of them to give the response as the lot from which they have been chosen is small itself. You do not have many options available to choose from. Make sure to get the response rate as high as possible.

  1. Plan for Feedback:

Make sure that the people involved in developing and accessing the survey should have time to review and go through all the feedback received from different customers. The major objective behind conducting the survey should always be to increase and enhance the sales. The more satisfied customers you will have the more revenue your B2B platform will be generating. Hence, the upper management need to review all the feedback and should be utilized in making future strategies and plans.

  1. Involve the Senior Team Members:

The senior team members are necessary to be involved in the survey as they are the ones with huge experience. Involve senior sales people in finalizing the list of customers to be added in the survey. Contact the directors and top management to finalize the questions to be added in the surveys. Their expertise will be the most result oriented elements of the survey.

All the above stated ten points need strongly to be considered while developing a customer survey. More things can be added or some can be excluded from the above stated ones depending on the kind of business for which the survey is to be conducted.

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