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B2B Lead Generation Trends for 2016!!

Digital marketing is at constant pace changing and transforming its dimensions and scopes. With such a rapid speed all these things are happening that, one technique being used today might become obsolete or ineffective in coming months. This is the basic reason why one needs to stay well aware of all the new and future coming trends. Otherwise if not compatible with the new things your business will suffer and will remain far behind in the race of staying competitive.


No matter what business you belong to the one and only major objective will be to get as many business leads as possible which can then be turned into paying clients. Lead generation is the process which gives a hope to the business that some of them may get in to loyal and committed future clients and customers. Lead generation tends for the B2B platforms keep on changing over time just like any digital marketing trend. With a start of the New Year one must have in mind the latest and worth applying lead generation trends.

Following are explained few latest and successful trends of lead generation which can be trusted to be utilized in the year 2016:

  1. Creation and Distribution of Content:

Online content creation is nothing new but the content strategy is something which constantly needs to be changed with all the new introduced trends. We all know very well up till now that B2B platforms are using the content marketing strategy as their main strategy of attracting and convincing people to buy from them. Effectively written blog posts, case studies, infographics and all such relevant activities will still remain the main source of attracting and engaging people in the business.

The level and quality of everything will never remain the same but the basic concept remains there. As part of content marketing strategy for any B2B platform the articles and blog posts should be written just according to latest trending keywords. It will help the business to stand out prominently among all. The quality of the content should be of the level that the search engines cannot resist themselves from picking up the content. The process of keep updating the content creation and distribution strategy is no doubt a tough thing to do but once applied will be worth time investing.

  1. Use of Social Media:

Social media platforms are as important for the B2B or any other business just like any other distribution and marketing channel. Social media popularity and usage is increasing with each passing day. People from all over the world are addicted of these social media websites and are constantly using them. Potential customers of all the kinds and belonging to any community will be on these platforms which makes them really important to be considered as the part of lead generation process.


B2B platforms can grow and gain a lot of progress in lead generation this year by getting better in utilizing the social media platforms. The more they are efficient in engaging with the potential customers the more will be chances of generating high number of leads.

  1. Use of Marketing Automation Software:

Many businesses have until now started using automated marketing software for many different activities especially for email management. Similar, automated software can also be applied in lead generation after realizing the fact that they can turn out to be the most effective as well efficient tool. This will also reduce the time consumed in the activities which can be handled automatically and the saved time can then be invested productively in any other human engagement activity.

  1. Organizing Trade Shows, Conferences and Events:

Organizing special events, conferences and trade shows never ever get old as people are always willing to have a face to face interaction with the companies from whom they are already buying or making their minds to buy. Webinars are as effective and result oriented as any real world organized events along with not worrying about the traveling and crowd issues. Companies are utilizing many different and innovative ideas for interacting with people like near field communication technique. It is a simple technique of getting information of the potential buyers by asking them to fill up the coupon and put it in the box and get a chance of winning a prize.

The information can easily be then retrieved from the coupons and saved to be used further in lead generation process. The information mentioned by different people gives an idea itself that whether it is a quality lead and future client or is just not worth investing time.

  1. Use of Cold Calling and Telemarketing:

This might sound a bit awkward to some but some way or the other cold calling and telemarketing still do work for many people and can be a good source of lead generation for some B2B platforms. People usually do not like to make cold calls but some statistics still show that they are one of the most effective and productive ways of generating leads.

The cold calling process can be made effective by keeping in mind a few points. The businesses and their representatives need to have to go thoroughly through the script written for cold calling and do make necessary changes in it whenever it is required. Always keep in mind that rejections from customers are never personal but rather professional. One last thing to remember is that some efforts can be made to have a small research about the potential buyer before contacting him/her. With a lot practice, experience and expertise to handle the customers one can easily manage to be a cold calling master.

All the above stated trends are expected trends which can help some B2B platforms in lead generation. But they are not the only ones as some businesses might differ from others in various operating ways. Always do a research on how your business is operating and how these trends can help your business and then make final decisions of exploiting or leaving them.

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