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Bamboo Flooring: Why & Why not?

A house is the blend of beautiful wallpapers to the exotic color schemes and perfect flooring. Each part of the house needs to be perfectly managed, maintained and designed to make the house look like a perfect house. When deciding on the interiors of the house it becomes really tough to pick from the list of options available for all the needed things. Flooring is a tricky thing to decide too, it needs to take care of a lot many things when choosing the perfect flooring for the house. Bamboo flooring is one of the types of flooring options available and is quite worth considering. Anything or any product or service available may involve some positives and negative sides all at the same time. Similarly, bamboo flooring needs a critical analysis of both the sides to make a decision that is it worth using or not.


Staying environment friendly is a great need of today’s life as we have already made a lot of damage to our environment. To protect and save it for our coming generations is very important and people are paying more attention towards the products which are considered environment friendly. Bamboo is the best choice for flooring if you are the one who is interested in staying environment friendly. Bamboo flooring is made from a kind of grass which grown earlier than the wood so, the damage made to the environment in getting bamboo flooring is minimum. That grass does not even needs to get replanted it keeps on growing and growing.


Durability is another happy aspect of bamboo flooring, as whatever we buy, we always wish it to be durable enough so that there is no need to buy it again and again. Solid bamboo flooring and engineered bamboo flooring are rated to be strong and durable enough among the choices. It is considered among the most durable and damage resistant even for the extensive and busy usage areas like kitchen, hallways and living rooms. Unlike hardwood flooring bamboo is grown in very wet climatic conditions hence it is more suitable for areas where there is a chance of moisture and humidity like laundry area and kitchens. It does not swell and contract like hardwood flooring because of being produced and consistent with wet weather conditions.

Bamboo flooring is considered to be one of the most cost effective flooring when matched with the excellence it provides in the finished looks, durability and being environment friendly. There is a variety of looks and designs which the bamboo flooring can provide; it has no such issues to disappoint you in satisfying you in terms of colors, designs and finished look. There are three basic color options available for bamboo flooring i.e. natural bamboo, carbonized bamboo and stained bamboo. Each one has its individual appearance and looks. It not only gives a mesmerizing look but also gives a comfortable and warm feeling in the home because of its natural appearance. It also does not need any kind of special agents for the maintenance; a damp mop can be a very effective in cleaning the floor without any extra efforts. It is recommended not to use excessively wet and watery mop as it may damage the floor so keep the mop damp to a level.

Some negative aspects involved with bamboo flooring is that it is not suitable for all over the house as external exposure and excessive moisture can make damages apart from the fact that it is durable for busy areas in the house. It is reviewed from few people to be more brittle than the hardwood flooring. So keep all these pros and cons altogether before making a choice of going towards bamboo flooring. Every person may have his/her own specific desires and needs for flooring so it may sound good to one while the other may reject it for the similar reasons. It is up to you that how you look forward to it.

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