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Benefits of Using YouTube for Business!!

Weather you own a midsize or a small business, it is always important for you to continually think of ways to get your services and products in front of as many people as possible, all without spending a lot of budget. Business growth with limited budget is a tough task, but it’s possible if you have ways to do it accordingly. So, if you are one of those who want to increase their business revenue and customers through cost-effective marketing strategy then YouTube is your go ahead tool.


Why YouTube is so beneficial?

YouTube has a large number of viewers from all parts of the world. You can take advantage of it by getting your products and services in front of potential customers to boost your sales. Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine on the web owned by Google and more and more users treating it as a search engine. So, it has wide range of benefits for all size of business owners, especially those who dont have suffecient budget to sustain and convert their small business into mide size or large business.

Now, we will go through to the major benefits of YouTube for various businesses as their marketing channel:

  1. Reaching Global Audience:

This is the biggest benefit a business can have by using YouTube. It is an international sensation used by people of almost all the ages and generation. It can easily be accessed on any kind of devices from personal desktop computers to laptop, tablets and even mobile phones. Most of the views on YouTube these days come from mobile devices because use of smartphones, tablets have made it easy to watch anything easily. It is watched in almost 75 countries of the whole world and is available in 61 different languages for viewers of diversified languages.

All the above stated figures clearly demonstrate that consumers from any part of the world can be accessed with the help of marketing done through YouTube. But, the major factor involved in it is, that the video demonstrating your business or products should reach the right audience. If the video is not being watched, by the right target audience than the video is of no use. When used wisely, it can capture new customers and clients worldwide.

  1. Best Tool for Brand Awareness:

A creative or an informational video will grab the attention of the viewers in no time. There is nothing faster than a YouTube video going viral and promoting the content presented on it. So, if you are looking to advertise your products or wanted to showcase your business more visible and prominent in front of targeted audience then YouTube comes as a fast and best brand recognition platform.

Keep in mind, Brand Awareness Videos are more about entertaining which is a simple approach where the brand makes an image for its viewers to enjoy.


  1. High Traffic:

Almost 4 million of viewers are watching online videos in a single day. According to the statistics YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the third most visited website on the internet just behind Google and Facebook. Which means it is the best platform to advertise your business whether by uploading a video of your own business or leaving advertisements on other videos.

As long as, your business is making videos full of information, entertainment, education or solution providing a huge number of people will stay your clients, fans or customers. It is not only more reachable than the television and cable networks but it is also the most cost-effective strategy for the businesses.

  1. Easily Found on Google:

Apart from the fact that Google owns YouTube it has a very effective Universal Search policy which adds videos, pictures, books, news and all the local searches when someone tries to search out things. Google clearly considers that the videos are just as important as any text that is why it is always showing videos in the search results.

Your website can reach the high rankings on Google by sampling writing some amazing articles and adding in them some complementary videos to get as much attention from the customers as possible. YouTube videos are always ranked high on its search pages. What else a business might be looking for than gaining the high ranks on the Google’s search engine as it is the most widely used and trusted search engine for all kinds of customers.

  1. Integration with Social Media Marketing:

All the YouTube videos can easily be shared on any of the social media platforms this makes it really easy to integrate any social media marketing strategy with the videos. The business can get maximum exposure when shared on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the like social media websites. Facebook is like the second home of YouTube videos every minute a huge number of people watch videos on it. The more a video becomes popular the higher it will be ranked which in turn increase the chances of videos and links associated with it to be clicked and viewed. It can enhance the online business presence to an unimaginable level.

  1. Demonstration of Products:

The best way to show the world about the product is to make a video of it and upload it on YouTube.  It is the best product demonstration channel. It is the most effective for those online businesses which have limited physical channels of distribution. Most widely using industries for demonstrating about their products are toy manufacturing, theater companies and the like.

Making a video demonstrating about the product is just like having a 24/7 available sales person who is constantly giving information to the potential buyers. Buyers will never get bored of watching video as they might get when listening to a real sales person.

  1. It is Free:

YouTube only takes the time and efforts making videos and apart from that it is completely free (However paid options are available for advertisers). The video can anytime be uploaded on the website without paying any charges. No other advertisement channels like yellow pages, billboards, television advertisement, banner ads, news publication and the like are free but YouTube is!

The videos and content which is once uploaded on YouTube never vanishes away or dies out. This is the most amazing benefit of promoting a business on it as the videos can easily be viewed by the potential buyers even after the years and months have been passed since it was uploaded. Hence, concluding that using YouTube for business purposes is the all-time good and positive strategic move for the business owners.

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