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Buying Baby’s First Shoes

There was a ritual to bronze the baby’s first shoes to keep the memories and shoes preserved for years. Nothing like this happens these days, but still buying a baby’s first shoes is a great deal of excitement for the parents. That excitement and eagerness results in buying shoes for their baby so early that babies do not need them at that time at all. According to some practiced and experienced pediatricians babies do not need shoes unless they are able to walk. Shoes are always meant to protect the feet and it has nothing to do with helping a child to walk faster. In fact if the shoes are not enough flexible and are hard they can actually cause a hindrance in your baby’s walk.


Mostly parents look towards soft soled shoes for their babies. Parents want to dress up they babies in a perfect way and this is the reason they go for buying baby shoes before a baby actually needs them. Well, a baby can be dressed in a good way with soft socks which will be comfortable for the kid and fancy as well for the parents. If in any case you have made your baby wear some shoes in a party or an occasion do not forget to take them off as soon as the baby wants to walk. It will ease him as the shoes may not be comfortable to walk.


The question then arises that what exactly is the time parents should go for buying shoes? The simplest answer is you can go buying baby shoes as soon as your kid starts taking few steps and moves forward. It is not necessary to make them learn to walk with shoes, if you have no objection you can let the baby learn walking properly even without the shoes. An honest opinion is that your baby will feel comfortable and easy in taking those first shaky, small steps easily without shoes. It would be must to have your baby wearing shoes as moving barefoot could be dangerous in some particular situations, to keep your baby safe from such situations do have shoes.

So what kind of shoes should be bought for the babies? Cuteness is the top most requirement of baby shoes. Along with being cute the shoes should must have a soft and very flexible sole so that the baby may not find it difficult to move his/her feet while taking steps. Too thick soles are not a must as the baby is not going to walk or run as much an adult can in the start of their walking experiences. If boots and other shoes with high ankles are bought do not forget to be sure that they are flexible and the baby is comfortable in them while walking. One more important thing to remember before going to buy shoes is that there is no need to buy one size large shoes for the baby in a hope to keep them for a long time. As loose and large shoes will not be comfortable and will never help the baby to keep the balance.

Before buying shoes try a few pairs and let your baby walk a bit in the shoe store and look how the baby is responding. Another thing is that always check properly that the shoes you are buying have enough comfortable space inside and they are not keeping the baby foot tightly. Shoes with laces can be problem for parents as they have to tie them like thousands of times. Without lace shoes can be a good option but the baby can learn easily to take them off. How often the shoes should be bought? Well keep checking that the shoes which are already available are fit to the baby and whenever there is a doubt buy another pair of shoes. Whatever you are going to buy for the baby do not forget that your baby’s comfort and ease should be on the top of your priorities.

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