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Canned Food: Pros & Cons

Vegetables, fruits and beans all these are the components of a balanced and healthy diet. But do they have the same nutritional value when we eat them canned instead of fresh? Life is tough and so robotic these days that people will choose canned items which are already blenched or boiled and can be ready to eat in minutes. On the other hand fresh food needs to get washed and cut properly and then will definitely take more time to be cooked than the canned food. Convenience can be a good point but healthy or not is more important and critical in what we eat.


To start with the pros of canned food on the top of everything is the price. Canned food is relatively cheaper than the fresh fruits and vegetables and usually preferred more by students and bachelors surviving alone on low budgets. Secondly, in the part of year when fresh fruits and vegetable are not available in the country and they need to get imported from other regions their price reaches another level. In that case canned fruits and vegetables have the same price as earlier. As stated above, canned food is convenient when you have a busy life style. With the help of canned vegetables and beans you can make stews, soups and salads easily in less time.


Another advantage is that the shelf life of canned food is way better than the fresh ones. Fresh vegetable and fruits are not edible after 2 to 3 days. On the other hand unopened cans can be available to eat for the expiration date mentioned on them, which is usually between 3 to 5 years from the day it is manufactured. Well, this is quite a very big advantage of canned food over the fresh ones. Canned food has a bad repo of having less nutritional values where this is not the reality as canned vegetables and fruits are processed at the time of harvesting when they are at their peak of freshness. This helps them to lock all the nutrients and freshness. For people who do not take fresh vegetables and fruits at all, canned food is better than having nothing.

Coming towards the cons of canned food the very first thing compromised is the taste. Fresh fruits and vegetables are tastier than the canned ones. The worldwide perception is that canned food can never match the flavor and taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the main reason why chefs around the world prefer fresh fruits and vegetables. Another drawback is that some not all of the canned food products have added salt and sugar in them to maintain the taste and texture. To keep yourself away from this you can prefer buying canned food which have no added salt and sugar. Another thing that can be done is you can rinse the canned food before cooking it, this reduces the amount of sodium in it. But at the same time rinsing loses other healthy nutrients too.

Improperly canned food can be dangerous as they can cause some serious illness and diseases. Countries like US have a law that before canning the food they have to go through a process in which food is cooked at a very high temperature, which reduces the probability of causing diseases. Another threatening and alarming aspect is the presence of Bisphenol A, which is a chemical found in tin cans and aluminium. Studies have shown that even a very small amount of this chemical can be toxic and can cause serious issues like breast cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infertility and other disorders. If you eat canned food within the expiry date and do not eat it after it is kept in the opened can, then there are no chances to the exposure of tin.

There are times when canned food can be very useful and convenient than the fresh one. So there is no set rule that one should prefer only canned or fresh fruits and vegetables. Whatever you eat should be healthy and nutritious rather than being a cause of diseases. Your health and life should be the top most priority while choosing what to eat.

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