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Why Internet Exposure to Your Business is Important?

We are very well aware of the fact that internet is what rules this time of the world. Internet is one of those technological advancements, which have changed the meaning of living lives to conducting businesses and every single activity … Continue reading

Shrinking Banking Sector in the Age of Globalization

The global dynamics of business are changing with huge consequences for the international trade and commerce industry. One of the biggest changes taking place is in the financial sector. The banking industry is going through one of the worst periods … Continue reading

Spain’s Deteriorating Economy: How and Why?

Spain is a land of history, football, beauty, architecture, bull fighting and so much more. Recently it has added another adjective to the list; economically destabilized country. Since 2008, Spain has started experiencing a majorly nose diving economy. First Greece, … Continue reading

The Banking Crisis Still Looms Large

Take a drive through your city in any developed country… Look at office complexes, industrial parks, and through residential neighborhoods. What will you see the vast majority of the time? “For Sale – Seeking Tenant,” “For Lease” and “For Rent … Continue reading

Sources of Finance for a Start-up Business

Beginning a business is an incredible feeling. For those who have raised children, you remember the overwhelming feeling of the awesome responsibility of bringing a new life into the world. As an entrepreneur, a similar feeling comes over you when … Continue reading

Greece Situation, a Dilemma for Europe

Greece is the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and the Olympics. Unfortunately, it’s now the birthplace of a modern-day financial catastrophe. The events transpiring in Greece are a potential preview for what is on the horizon for the United States if … Continue reading

Liquidity and Recession

What has caused the economic difficulties facing many of the world’s top superpowers? The blame has been shifted to many parties – bankers, politicians, consumers and investors. However, we can comfortably name one word that basically brought the economies of … Continue reading

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