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Issues making impacts on the global economy.

Top Most Reasons Behind Worldwide Tumbling Oil Prices

From almost a year we have been observing falling and lowering oil prices all around the world. This sudden fall in prices is just not something casual. There are a lot of reasons and issues pertaining behind such a great … Continue reading

How Internet Has Changed Real Estate Business

Internet right after its arrival in the world has changed the world in true meanings. It is never wrong to say that it has changed everything, as it literally has changed everything! From the way we buy small grocery items … Continue reading

Threats to UK Economy

Since 2000 the only G7 country in which there is a steady increase in the wealth inequality observed is UK and is also leading one global race. Here are presented some major threats to the UK financial stability and the … Continue reading

Tumbling Oil Prices, Depreciating Oil Currencies?

Oil prices have fallen abruptly in the past seven months globally. This, leading to a substantial fall in revenues of energy exporting countries. Whereas, in importing countries people have to pay less to heat their homes and run their vehicles. … Continue reading

China’s Growing Economy Shifting the Trends Globally

According to the recent economic statistics the US Dollar remained unchanged at 6.26 Chinese Yuan in March from 6.26 in February of 2015.  From 1981 till 2015 Chinese Yuan is averaged 6.96. It reached the record high of 8.73 in … Continue reading

Shrinking Banking Sector in the Age of Globalization

The global dynamics of business are changing with huge consequences for the international trade and commerce industry. One of the biggest changes taking place is in the financial sector. The banking industry is going through one of the worst periods … Continue reading

Obama’s Second Term: Implications for the Global Economy

The wait and anticipation have come to an end. Barack Obama has won the US presidential election of 2012 to serve the President’s office for 4 more years. How these next 4 years are going to be for global economy, … Continue reading

What Grexit will Mean for the World Economy

Greece exiting the Euro, or “Grexit” as it’s become known in the financial news will have profound implications for the world economy, but it may be the only viable option. When we look at Greece’s current woes, we have to … Continue reading

Impacts of Looming Oil Crisis on Global Trade

The availability of oil is taken for granted every day by businesses, governments and individuals alike. However, an oil crisis is looming and could feasibly hit at any point. This brings back memories of the oil shortages during the 1970s, … Continue reading

Declining Dollar Value and the Global Economy

In our global economy, when something happens to an economic superpower, it affects the entire world. One of the largest hits to the global economy has been the declining value of the US dollar. As the United States government seemingly … Continue reading

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