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Issues related to industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, information technology and services industries.

Addiction to Electronics Changing Lives Totally

A normal household spends a great portion of its income in consumer electronics. Things like HD televisions, cell phones, computers, laptops, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and much more are the part of consumer electronics category. The industry is being revolutionized … Continue reading

How to Afford and Buy Designer Wears

Designer wear is what every fashionable person desires of. Designer wears are well stitched to enhance your personality along with a capability to show your high social status, but at the same time are very much expensive. Apart from highly … Continue reading

Solar Energy Swapping Traditional Sources of Energy

AdvertismentOil, gas and coal are some traditional sources of energy that have been used for years. The rate of consumption of these energy sources is increasing day by day at an alarming pace. All these resources are non-reversible resources i.e. … Continue reading

Increasing Trends in Renewable in the Middle East

When it comes to energy, Middle East is considered to be the energy corridor, and this is because of the fact that most of the world’s oil is extracted from this region. Countries from different parts of the world purchase … Continue reading

Apple’s Win Over Samsung: What It Entails for Consumers and the Future of the Industry

The case between Apple and Samsung is a high-profile case known to almost everyone because of the fact that the two biggest stalwarts of the tech industry are battling it over patent issues. Did Samsung really copy Apple or not? … Continue reading

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