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Choose Handbags According to Your Body Type

Women are obsessed of many things and one of those things is handbags! Every woman wants to have almost every type of handbag to carry along with whatever she wears. But they do not think much while buying bags, they just enter a store full of bags choose the one they find awesome and buy it. There are so many things to be considered before buying a bag and including those things is considering your body type. Yes, you read it right, I am talking about body type to be considered while buying a bag.


Bags compliment and add more grace in your overall personality. Most common and usual fact of buying bags according to body type is that opposite shape should be considered. Just like buying a dress and trying it in the dressing room before buying it, do the same with handbags. Carry them and check them from all the angles that how they are complimenting your body type. Do they make you look more chubby or tall? Do they enhance your curves or make you look sleek? All this questions should be kept in mind while trying the bags.


If you are someone with a tall and thin body structure then buy something round and slouchy as it will add curves to your body and will make you look balanced. Similarly, if you have a bulky and chubby body structure buy something thin and long rectangular shaped bags, like clutches and long thin bags. They will somehow hide and reduce the chubbiness and will make you look more balanced. Size of the bag matters the same way its shape matters. Choose the size of a bag also according to your body type. Your bag should be in proportionate with your overall body frame and structure.

What if you have a petite body structure? A woman with this type of a body should first of all think about the size of the bag. It is recommended to have small bags with petite body as it will look balanced. Instead if you are carrying a big bag it will make you look shorter and round. On the other side if you have a tall and thin body you can carry almost every kind of bag appropriately. Clutches, big sized bags and shoulder bags all of them will compliment your body type. Size of the bag should be from medium to large as small ones will make you look bigger and taller.

After these two body types we have also women who come in the category of plus size. For those kind of women it is suggested not to carry small bags as they will hide under your size and will make you look way heavier and huge. Carry handbags of reasonable size and having straps of small to medium length. For a woman with an attractive curvy shaped body a shoulder bag ending right above the waist is the best option. Women with heavy hips should avoid bags ending on their hips as they will draw more attention to that area of your body. Such women are recommended to carry shoulder bags or hobo bags with small straps hanging above the hips.

For women with heavy top portion i.e. bust, they should carry shoulder bags with long straps and big in size to cover the upper body part. One simple tip for every body type is never wear something very small or big according to your body type. A handbag should not only be fulfilling your day to day needs rather they should also be fashionable and complimenting. Take time before you buy the handbags, as may be the trendiest and striking handbags may not be complimenting your body and buying them, will shatter your personality rather than enhancing it. There is always a best alternative available for everything try to figure out the best alternative for yourself. One more thing to be considered is do not forget about the seasons, your bag colors and designs should be complimenting the seasons too.

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