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Choose the Right Color of Suit!

Suits for men are an essential part of their lives. Mostly men have to have more than one or many suits as per their professional needs. When it comes to choosing the right one, first thing to remember is the color of the suit. Usually what men do is, they pick up one suit randomly out of the available stock and wear it. Well, this not the way. Men are less color and contrast conscious as compared to women. Women are more particular about what they are wearing and how they are wearing it for a particular occasion. Men need to learn from them. Forget about picking clothes randomly and start thinking a bit about what should be worn just according to the occasion.


When you go for buying a suit it becomes really difficult to decide which one should be bought and mostly you end up buying something really good but unfortunately it is not versatile and you cannot wear it more often. There are some suit colors and types which are particularly very versatile and one can wear them more often alternatively on many different occasions. Choosing those kind of suits will help you being more cost efficient yet look trendy and fashionable. Let us have a look at some amazing color of suits which can be used alternatively and are quite versatile.


Navy Blue and Charcoal Grey are on the top of the color list for being the most versatile. When it comes to charcoal grey suit it best fits any color tone and body type. Mostly medium heighted bodies look amazing in this particular color. It adds some more grace and age in someone who is young enough and will definitely make him look more elegant and handsome. Many colors can be combined with this suit as it comfortably matches every color. But, mostly black and browns will complement the most. Navy Blue is the right color for wearing in office and interviews. Men with some light complexion will look the most handsome in it. Any body type can complement this color gracefully, but men with somewhere thinner body frame will be complementing the most.

You can confidently choose black for some formal events and occasions. It can be worn on funerals, weddings and even official dinners and get together. Black makes the person wearing it look a bit slimmer but naturally it suits every skin tone and body type easily. Most appropriately dark colored and dark hair men look more attractive in black color as compared to light skin toned and light hair color men. Brown is another color which can be chosen especially for some casual events.Some men complement this color in a most amazing and dreadfully attractive way. But a drawback can be it is usually not considered to be worn on formal and business events. People consider it more of a casual event color. Men with almost every skin tone will look good in it.

There are a lot of shades and color range of greys. When we talk about medium grey it is definitely different from the charcoal grey. It is a bit lighter in shade than the Cambridge grey and is not actually considered more formal than the other colors. Light grey is a color totally different in looks than any other color or suits. It is a real light color tone of grey and is more considered as a casual one. An advantage is that so many patterns and colors can be added with it as the more lighter the color is the more will the patterns be visible. White color suit is an odd in most the cases, unless you have that courage and confidence to wear it in an amazing way. It is the most attention seeker color and you can wear it somewhere you want everyone to recognize you and turn their heads to you. Whatever you choose to wear choose wisely and remain in the budget along with some grace and elegance!

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