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Common Mistakes Men Make Wearing Suits

A suit is a sign of clear elegance and style for men. Men pull up looking handsome in a pair of rough jeans and a t-shirt but when it comes to class and style suit is the ultimate choice. Nothing can be compared with a suit, until and unless it is worn properly and correctly. There so many simple yet disastrous mistakes men commonly make wearing suits and they have no idea how those mistakes ruin their overall look as well as the personality. These mistakes are usually made in selecting the size of suit coats, trousers or the accessories like belts, cufflinks or even shoes.


By keeping in mind and avoiding a list of small but useful things, men can look perfectly handsome, stylish and fashionable all at the same time. Just like any other major part of a suit the color and pattern of your socks matter a great deal too. Men usually make a mistake of wearing plain white athletic socks with their suits, which is actually never a part of it and looks real odd. Instead of those, they can buy some pairs of dress socks with nice patterns on them. Have some basic colors like greys, browns and backs and keep pairing them alternatively, with the suits. All good dressed up in a suit but wearing a white athletic socks at the end, are actually a tragedy of the whole look you are carrying.


Men usually like to wear undershirts, well that’s okay but how to wear them under dress shirts of your suits, is a big question. Men are concerned about sweating badly in their dress shirts and this is usually a reason why they wear undershirts. In that case a V-neck grey shirt will be the most acceptable and complimenting of all the choices. The reason a grey color shirt is recommended is that it will never peek out from your light colored or white color dress shirts and is more near to the original skin tone and blends much better than the whites. A white undershirt will always be prominent and peeking out of your light colored or even white color dress shirts as well. It never looks good and actually even changes the shade of dress shirt you are wearing. One more thing recommended is the undershirt should be a V-neck. The reason is that in any case you remove the tie and open up the top button it looks so untidy and non-elegant, when a crew neck pokes out of those collars.

Then it comes to the belts you wear along with your suits. One can easily wear those funky and patterned belts with their jeans and still look cool. But when in a suit, cool is simply not an option. Rather simple and basic buckled plain belt with be the best choice among all. Those shiny and carved full of steel buckled belts never ever compliment the style and look that you want, wearing a suit. Other accessories like a choice of your sunglasses matter the same way as any other major part of your suit does. Wearing those sporty sunglasses with a properly worn suit is actually like killing your perfect look with your very own hands. You can wear those elegant and sophisticated sunglasses making you look more classy and stylish rather than any of those kiddy or casual looking sunglasses.

Men surely need bag packs with them as they mostly have to carry along themselves a lot of must have things like a laptop and important documents. But does that school and college going bag pack a right option for your suited look? Well, I would rather say “NO”. Buy a decent and smart messenger bag to carry along your important things. It will not only keep all your important things, but also compliment your suited look in a best way. All these are very small and little things that men can easily ignore but it will ultimately ruin their personality and style. These are not even the things which cannot be taken care of. One can easily think and work on these small but important things just to make them look perfectly fashionable and handsome.

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