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Confused? Choose the Right Career for Yourself!

Today, in this world full of knowledge and educational fields we have unlimited number of career options available. There was a time when being a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or seldom an actor or an artist was all as career options and people used to believe them as the most valued and respected professions. Now, the situation is totally opposite there are so many options to be chosen as a profession. unfortunately despite having this much varied opportunities, it is very difficult to decide which profession to be joined and why? People are usually unaware of their interpersonal skills and abilities and have no idea where they can excel and serve the best of them. A long list of career options has made it more confusing, people usually think they can do the same as some other ones are doing without even knowing their own capabilities and qualifications.


Not every profession is suitable for everyone, all of us are different from each other in nature and characteristics, similarly our capabilities and knowledge along with the education we have acquired is different too. To know how different you are and what are your specialities you need to ask some questions to yourself and then it will be easy for you to decide that where to go. The very first thing you should ask and know is that, what is your interest and passion? Passion and interests are sometimes clear to some people while others may not have an idea whether their interest is worth working for or not. A passion is something you desire and love to do with all the zeal and courage you have to do it. Are you good in writing and narrating skills? Do you have building  personal relations abilities? Do you like to convey your messages by saying them all aloud? Do you desire to have your very own business? These are some simple things which will ultimately lead you to your actual passion and interest. Stay straight and simple in choosing the passion do not ever try to broaden the area be specific.


Motivation is the major factor which will lead you to the job satisfaction and staying successful. Motivation comes in different ways to different types of people and it may produce two kinds of people. Ones, which are highly motivated and prone to taking risks and making more mistakes both at the same time. They have good thinking and planning abilities and turn to be really successful entrepreneurs and creatives. Others are the ones which will never work out of the cage and will do only as told them to do, they do not tend to take risks. Such people are usually good planners and analytics as they think just according to the provided directions and instructions for providing the best of solutions for the problem being presented to them.

After that ask yourself, what kind of an environment you would love to work in? There are people who enjoy working individually on their own basis while others love to work and be the most productive by working in a team. Then, there are people who can easily handle the authoritative nature of the bosses on them while the others can never take the instructions and tend to get frustrated when asked to work on someone else’s desires. Then there are some people who are introvert and cannot express their ideas and thoughts more appropriately while their work speaks itself. Then on the other hand there are people who are very vocal in presenting ideas and thoughts and even work in a good way by producing good results from those ideas. All such people would have to think before joining a certain organization or a profession, that whether their nature of doing work relates with the environment of the work place or not?

Jobs mostly have to offer lower wages and salaries in the start with a huge amount of hard work involved in it. After that hard phase is gone, jobs get easier and more appropriate in terms of salaries and monetary benefits. This needs quite a lot of patience and willpower, as no one can reach the top floor before crossing the ground floor. One needs to survive at the start struggling point to get the best of that job. But, there are some people who do not believe in it and will desire to have a full and filled lifestyle, such people cannot go for ordinary professions and they would have to establish their own businesses to live the way they want to. Give yourself a quality time and space to think peacefully where you can go and get the best of all you have.

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