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Content Ideas to Keep the Shoppers in Holiday Essence!!

Holidays! This is the season full of shopping and getting the best out of everything. Holidays are here waiting to give us some special moments of our lives. Ecommerce websites are excited for holiday season too and they had been planning all year long to get the most of benefits from this season. The whole environment of the ecommerce websites changes as they change their graphics, designs and visuals presenting the buyers the real feel of holidays and festivals.

There are so many chances that people who are not already your website’s regular visitors and buyers may land up on the website and wish to buy from you. They might be looking forward to buying for someone special or dear to them. If they are new to your ecommerce website and wish to buy some special thing how will they know they are just at the right place with the right products? The simplest answer is to provide them the content which will explain and give them the idea that they have landed on just the right website.

Following are described some content features which need to be added on the website to guide the buyers for shopping in holidays:

Frequently Asked Questions:

A new customer must be looking for some solid introduction of your business and products. The important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the answers of questions created here should be relevant to the new customers and not the already existing ones. This further means that, they should be clear and precise both at the same time. The answers posted in this section for the new customers should be relevant to the fact that these people have no experience with you and your products.

It is actually really difficult to come out of the traditional comfort zone and start thinking beyond the already existing buyer personas. The fact is that you have already worked so hard to build this reputation and experience of the website and again working from the starting point for the new customers can prove to be a tough goal to be achieved. All hard things end up with giving some really awesome benefits, same is the case here. If you will ignore answering the questions of your new potential prospects then you might unfortunately miss a sale and some other might get it.

Gift Buying Guides:


Once the buyers are clear with what you have saved for them is actually meeting their requirements they will be all set to have further interactions with you. Your website can work on guiding them how those presented products can be used. Having guides on buying gifts can prove to be a great source of sales for attracting and convincing people who may not had the intentions to buy but after going through the guides might get interested. One person might be in search of something special for his family or friends but had no idea what things can be bought, those people will get the most out of your gift buying guides and will surely end up buying the products from you. Do not forget to design and present the guides of gifts in a way promoting the list of products already existing on the website and presenting them in general way to the one who is going through the guide content.


Tutorials are a great way to explain how your products can work and in case they require any assembly of parts the customers will be delighted to know them directly from you. A selected gift might need to be attached into one piece by joining in different pieces of it, it gets really difficult if there is no clear tutorial how to join the pieces accurately. This part of the content is not just confined to the new customers, the already existing ones can also get advantages from these video tutorials as well.

These tutorials are the great source of calling back the previous buyers for further information and guidelines about the bought products. In this whole process they might find something else too and close a sale again! You can also add up other things and accessories related to the bought product and demonstrate their effectiveness with them. This can increase the chances of getting more purchases of products interrelated with each other.

Reviews of Products:

Every new customer might not just get impressed with what you have to show them about you because obviously you are going to say all good and happy about yourself and they are well aware with this fact. They will look for something more authentic and informative but not what you have for them. Product reviews from the previous buyers of the products are that informative unique sources explaining the worth and experience of the products with the potential new buyers. If your website lacks this content factor then the buyer may leave the website and find some other informative platform to buy their required products.

The buyers will be kept around your website only if you are putting the reviews directly on the website and letting the people know what they want to know straight away. Buyers praise and appreciate a business’s honesty and their consideration towards them; they will keep these reviews as the source of information and a factor of trust from your side as well. This transparency from you will initiate and compel them to reward you with something big in terms of buying from you.

Happy Holidays! Happy Shopping!

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