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Difference Between Predictive VS Tradition Lead Scoring!

Lead scoring, a widely and dynamically used word of this modern internet connected world! What does it actually mean? Lead scoring is generally known as a process of tracking and taking record of a prospect’s activities on the website to determine its level of interest and engagement. This further helps in making future decisions of the betterment of those specific products and services which are liked by the prospects. It also helps to decide on which products are liked more and hence, concentrating more on them. All this depends highly on the organizations perceived importance of certain products and their sales. It gives a perspective that what people like and appreciate about you and how you can make improvements in those products so that the buyers keep on liking and buying from you.



Lead scoring is a very good process of determining about the best leads your sales persons should be focusing on but this does not necessarily mean that you have to focus on every generated lead. First of all try to find out that you actually need lead scoring or not. Before starting just because every other business is involved in it, ask yourself few important questions. First of all the questions comes, are actually generating enough number of leads? If you are a newly born business and you are not yet generating much leads the point of focus here is to find more about your lead generation rather than jumping for lead scoring. Is your point scoring being used by the sales team for the leads? Lead scoring is a patient rather than easy and quick process. You need to find out that the scores and values you have assigned to the aspects of lead are actually been utilized by the sales people or not. Sales team may differ in some points and scores assigned, they may not find something that important or vice versa. Is the data you have enough to start the lead scoring process? Data in a very large amount is what you should have to have, before starting the lead scoring process.

After getting a detailed overview of what lead scoring is and when it should be start using, let us have a look at the difference between traditional and predictive kind of lead scoring process. The process of lead scoring involves a decision made by the marketing experts that which leads should be sent to the sales department, which are actually helpful in bringing some positive changes in the business. The second step is to assign the scores or numbers depending upon the importance and unimportance of the factors involved in that lead. In this way you will be able to find the important leads with the highest numbers and the ones with the lowest numbers will be not as much important as the others. The highest and the important ones should be forwarded to the sales people. This is a traditional lead scoring process.

In predictive lead scoring you do not have to worry about the factors which should be involved and the numbers and ranks which should be assigned, in this process we have a predefined formula which predicts itself. There are certain basic factors which are filled out on the website are automatically added in that formula as the factors and it automatically shows down the most important leads that have been generated. Whereas, developing a proper formula is mostly difficult for the marketers and they may keep on experiment various ones to finally decide on the final version of it. To have a close look at both the methods we can clearly see that both are individually affective and important. Choosing which one to be used depends on how you want to work, do you want the marketing team to individually analyze and score the leads or you would like to have a one common formula to automatically score down the important and the unimportant ones.

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