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Earned, Owned & Paid Media: How Are They Different?

Online businesses are running successfully on the basis of the quality content they are producing for their visitors. A good and effective content marketing strategy is always the one which will never rely on only one technique rather have a blend of everything saved in it. Lead generation with the help of content is the ultimate goal of publishing quality content regularly. That content should not only be published but keep on enhancing the quality of it to continuously attract and retain the visitors on the website. Content is a general concept and anything promoting a business and its view point is known as content. The ways and channels used to spread that content can vary depending up on many factors.

Most widely used marketing channels are divided in three main categories of earned, owned and paid media platforms. Knowing the meaning of all three of them individually and then finding out the difference among them and utilizing them in a strategy are tough tasks. Once a business realizes the importance of answering and knowing them thoroughly they will be successful in generating quality leads over time.

Difference between Earned, Owned & Paid Media:

It is very important to know all three terms one by one as they will be giving your business an opportunity to have a consistent lead generation over a time.  It is vital to know how these three things can be used in the business’s content marketing strategy.

Earned Media

In simple terms earned media is a channel of conveying content which a business has earned through word of mouth. Earned media is a recognition which has been achieved as a result from no matter an amazingly published content, influence of smart SEO efforts, a superb customer experience delivered or a mixture of all these things. No matter how you have accomplished the goal of attracting the customers this earned media is the result of that positive praise from those customers. It is a self-earned channel but requires a lot of positive and strong efforts to be built.

One can have an earned media by being mentioned in press or newspapers, reposting of products/services, positive reviews from the buyers or strong recommendation from already existing loyal customers or the like. A business can also facilitate the earned media by helping different journalist and content writers in writing their articles and getting positions in the industry journals. So, this is a great way to get popular among new people and have a chance of generating new leads continuously.


Owned Media

A content of which the business is in full control of is generally referred to as owned media. This content can be any of the things published on the website, its official blogs and social media accounts. The main goal to be achieved through such kind of media is to keep on providing value to the leads as they move down the funnel of leads criteria.

Owned media can be achieved with the use of many things like blog posts on latest trends and topics, case studies about the company or business and whitepapers etc. These ways provide a much controlled form of promotion but if we talk about its effectiveness then it is effective but not a much effective medium of promoting the business and its ideology.

It will play an effective role in convincing the leads which have been generated with the help of earned media and the chances are they will be converted in quality and ultimate leads. All it matters is to produce responsible, valuable and educational resources of information. On the basis of the content produced via owned media the leads will be able to make decision that whether it will worth working with your business or not.

Paid Media

In today’s time it has become really difficult and challenging to promote the business and its content purely just with the utilization of earned and owned media platforms. To give out the solution for such issues and finding out better ways to promote the business effectively paid media platforms are also made available. It is the platform used to promote the content and give a business an amazing exposure in the most effective and result oriented manner. There a number of paid media techniques available which can be used to enhance and make stronger the earned and owned media on their own.

All the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are offering to publish the advertisement on them and get as much exposure as possible. One can invest a handsome amount in buying slots on such social media pages and get their businesses promoted throughout the world. The important thing which matters is to know where on any of these social media platforms a business’s target audience is most probably to be found and then invest in that particular platform only.

All these three concepts are when combined they can prove to be the best ways of generating the quality and loyal leads. Develop a strategy depending on the business’s basic concepts, goals and objectives to be achieved.

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