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Eating Rice: Healthy or Not?

Eating something really yummy and delicious with being healthy at the same time, is the best ever thing. Rice is the thing which you can eat and cook in so many ways by adding different spices, vegetables and meat in it. They are cooked in numerous ways according to the local traditions and customs. You can cook them salty, sweet or even full of spices. No matter how you cook them they always taste good and people of all ages love to eat them. Its taste and ways of cooking is not just one good thing another amazing aspect is its health benefits.


There is a common misconception among people these days that rice make them fat and bulky. We have the example of Chinese they eat rice in every meal even in breakfast too and in general (excluding the exceptions) most of them are always thin or smart. Replacing rice with wheat or brown rice is not something very good. As rice contains many useful nutrients like fiber, calcium, vitamin B and D, iron and a lot more. One of the major life threatening diseases people suffer these days commonly is heart disease. The bran oil which is extracted from rice contains very useful antioxidants which prevent your heart from many unwanted and unhealthy diseases. Rice even lowers the cholesterol level in your body and helps fighting the bad cholesterol to make you healthier and safer.


One of the most useful aspects is that rice is a totally allergies free food. Anyone can eat it without thinking that it may react negatively with the body. Many people mostly are allergic to gluten and because of that they cannot mostly eat many food items. Rice has no gluten in it and hence cam be eaten safely and the nutrients in it can be consumed without any danger of falling ill. A human body needs to stay energetic all day long as it has to do a lot of things in daily routine. Carbohydrates is something which keeps a human body energetic and rice has a great number of carbohydrates in it. Rice is low in sugar, fat and salt hence making it the food which any one can eat without fear of gaining weight.

Whole grain i.e. brown rice is the best way of having the right quantity of fiber in your body. Mostly people have a very less intake of fiber and it makes their health shaky. A good portion of rice in a balanced diet is a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit without getting fat and bulky. Brown rice is the healthiest option but one can also eat and get the almost the same level of nutrients from white rice. It is not recommended to polish the rice completely and lose all the useful nutrients. Rather a combination of white as well brown rice will be the best way of getting the benefits from them.

Many nutritionists and dietitians have concerns about eating totally polished white rice as they say that all the useful nutrients are lost in the process of refining them. Even though some companies which sell packed rice claim that they have added artificial lost nutrients again is a silly thing. Losing the useful natural nutrients and then adding again the artificial ones make exactly no sense. Nothing can ever replace the natural and original benefits a food item has. Eating more of brown rice than the white ones even lessens the risk of suffering from diabetes. Its ability to keep in control the sugar level is the reason why a person should prefer brown rice. It is suggested to a plate of rice in your life to keep yourself safe and healthy from so many diseases and life threats.

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