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Effects & Benefits of Being Nice In Business!

Businesses are established with the motives of earning profits and gains from the initial investments that have been made. Business in general terms hence, portrays a process of earning money after an investment of some amount. Generally, there is no such perception of staying nice and kind in the businesses. Community also perceives business owners as the most unkind and unpleasant people as they think that they are always seeking for earning as much money as possible from the buyers. Kindness is, whereas nothing more than being generous, pleasant and caring.

Being Nice:

Being nice therefore, means thinking about other people, considering their opinions and not making other people feel uncomfortable in any situation. This on the other hand needs a great kind heart and some soft feelings for other mankind. A small example can be of a cash counter operator who’s defined and designated job is to just clear the bills and handover the bought products to the customers. This can be done quite happily by giving some sweet and happy gestures to the customers rather than robotically completing the work tasks and that’s it.

Kindness is helpful for the businesses as it can give the customers a very good shopping experience. A satisfied customer with a good user experience is what businesses are always striving and making efforts for. Kindness can play a great role in portraying the business’s positive and motivating aspects.

Gain What You Give:

As a very popular proverb says, “As you sow so shall you reap”, meaning you will always get what you are giving to others. Same goes for the kindness factor in businesses too, if you are being kind and pleasant with the customers; your customers will ultimately have a same kind relationship with you too. This kind of give and take relationship can even help in eliminating some small but negative aspects attached with your business. People will start ignoring some of your business’s weaknesses just because they will have a kind perception of your business in their minds.


Staying Nice Gives You More Successful Opportunities:

Staying in a business or securing position in a list of successful businesses needs a lot of hard work and efforts. It does not only mean capturing a great part of market share and then earning a great deal of monetary profits, it also includes interaction with the society. Interaction with the society through which a business is earning may involve a media conference or coverage, staff engagement and community programs. Gaining from the society and not paying them back some way or the other will never make you a successful business owner. Staying responsive towards the community and society in which you are working will give your business a very broad and positive image in that similar society.

People should relate themselves with your business and they should think of you as soon as they are in some particular difficult situation which you can solve. The reason why successful and big organizations engage themselves in corporate social responsibility is that they want to stay kind and nice with the society for which they are working and from which they are actually earning.

How to Be Nice?

Staying nice and kind in business will help reap some very effective and powerful positive consequences. How to stay nice depends on many different aspects and factors. Share the credit with the customers; this is something very useful as praising people for what you have gained will give them a sense of attachment. Customers will feel good that they have also paid a part in your business’s success and that has been recognized by you.

Stay calm and composed never use any kind of harsh language and statements for the customers or the employees working for your business. This has a very negative and strong impact on the society and potential buyers that you are not responsible enough towards society and people lower than your designation and status. No matter whatever or how worse the situation is try finding out something positive in it and convey it to others. It will be helpful in giving your business an image of a positive thinker and an appreciator of situations and opportunities.

Small gestures of being courteous and thankful to the people involved in the road towards your success will bring a change in your business’s success. Even a small welcoming and thank you will make your customer’s day and he/she will be whole day feeling delighted that you have made their day.

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