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Effects of Global Warming on Environment

The word global warming is used a lot nowadays, in our conversations and routine discussions with the friends, colleagues and family members. It is commonly said that global warming is increasing worldwide. What actually is global warming? The simplest answer for this question is, a slowly increase in the environment and ocean’s average temperature and exposure of world to the extreme weather conditions. It is a gradual change which is changing the whole environment of the world permanently and we will never be able to have the same weather and atmosphere in future, as we are already living in.


Global warming has long lasting and sometimes extreme consequences on the world’s overall environment. But unfortunately all these dangerous consequences are caused by the human and our world’s activities. Release of gasses like methane, carbon dioxide and some others are reasons of these extreme changes. One of the major changes world has to face is, rise in temperature. This is one of the most obvious and visible change, and overall in past 100 years a rise of almost 1.4 Degree Fahrenheit have been observed worldwide. The major after effect of this increase in temperature is that the ice in the world especially at the north poles is melting and hence, decreasing the water reservoirs for our future world. Apart from that, a rise in sea level has been observed due to excess melting of ice.


Not just the rise in temperature but more alarming thing is the extreme weathers. Extreme winter and extreme summer, have been faced in last few decades and unfortunately, that is also a consequence of increased global warming. It is researched and presented that extreme weather conditions like drought, floods and heavy rainstorms are expected to occur more frequently because of this global warming issue. These changes have also changed the prediction of climate conditions and made it difficult to say what can happen.

Human beings and environment are not the only victims of this change happening around the world. Animals and plants have suffered much too. Many of them have shifted to the upper northward and cooler areas. They are changing their locations from equator towards poles of the world and that itself is not good for the overall environment. Many plant and animal diseases have been found in a much more extreme way as they used to be earlier. Human beings are the major ones suffering from all these devastating changes.

The whole agriculture system has to be changed because of this seasonal changes. Some seasons will expand and the time span needed to grow crops for the next season will decrease. Release of carbon dioxide may be good for the growth of plants but actually plants will be less nutritious when grown in such a speedy way. The ultimate way of protecting yourself from this issue, it is suggested to plant as many new trees as possible. People all over the world have cut the tress in such a large number that the release of the most abundant green gas i.e. carbon dioxide has risen and created much problems. Malaria, dengue fever, asthma and similarly growing diseases also a result of this global warming. A large number of people living near the coastal areas have the most life threats. Rising levels of seas and oceans along with extreme storms and rainfalls are the major threat for them.

All these effects are severe and thought provoking, but the remedies lie in ourselves. We as human beings need to be more responsible towards the world to protect and make it worth living for future generations.

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