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Fabrics for Different Seasons

Looking fashionable is everyone’s desire these days. Staying decent, elegant yet up to date with the trends going on, is the demand of today’s modern world. After an interval of time all the trends, designs, patterns and even colors change. Similarly, the choice of a certain fabric also depends on the season we are going through. In hot summer we would definitely prefer something thin and airy while in winters we will be wearing something thick and warm. Design and cuts may sometimes remain the same but fabrics are surely changed according to the season. One cannot think of wearing a thin cotton shirt in winters and similarly a wool shirt in summers.


Natural fabrics and even artificially manmade fabrics are available worldwide in a large amount. To choose the right fabric according to the season and the level of comfort is a tough task. The only way to decide appropriately is to know about the properties of different fabrics and how they are going to look in a certain design and season. The time you get to know all these things you will be able to choose the right fabric for you. Keep experimenting with different fabrics for a single design. If a particular cut and design looked amazing in one fabric try it in some other similar kind of fabric and at the end you will be knowing all you need to know about what will suit when.


Colors have a great impact on the dress you wear. Dark colors will be really very comfortable in winters as they absorb heat and give a warm feeling. Light and cool colors will be more comfortable in summer as they have a cold and soothing affect. Keep changing the colors for a similar pattern of dress in different seasons. Well, but it is not something obligatory to wear only cool colors in summers and dark in winters. If your skin tone and body structure does not suit any of them you can wear any color which suits you no matter what the season is. Just like colors different prints can have different effects according to a season. Apart from just the fabric you can play along with colors, prints and patterns of clothes to make them look according to a certain season.

Cotton, tropical and linen are the most comfortable and used fabrics in summers as well as springs. Whereas, wool, leather and similar thick fabrics are the ones suitable for winter and fall. There is one such fabric i.e. jean which is never changed no matter what the season is. Jean is not only restricted to pants now a days, one can have jean jumpsuits, shorts, dresses, shirts and even coats and jackets. All you need to know in the case of jean is the trending cuts and designs. Within all these fabrics cotton is the top most used and comfortable fabric according to the most people worldwide. To deal with the wrinkles of cotton a small amount of polyester is added in it. It makes cotton fabrics more stable and adjustable to the body.

Silk one of the most historical and old fabrics used in the world. In these modern days, silk is the sign of luxury and elegance. It is a kind of fabric which absorbs moisture and is comfortable to wear in winters and summers as well. Every country, region or group of people have their respective norms and trends. One should never forget them while choosing the fabrics or designs. Do not think of trying what every other person is. As, a dress worn by someone not necessarily suit you too. Your body type or skin tone may not be complimenting it. Wear only whatever you are comfortable in!

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