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Great Customer Experience is Good for Business

All relationships are important, just like a garden, when neglected, it will slowly die, so will your profits when you neglect customer service. It does not take a genius to figure out that businesses that show care for their customers are often seen to be doing better, and are less likely to lose customers than their compatriots, who do not show the same care for their customer’s business as they do for their own. The law of reciprocity is paramount in a relationship that exists for mutual benefits.

Consistently delivering on your promises is the key to retaining your existing customers, and they will do the marketing for you by telling others about their experiences; this is the best form of promotion. There is more to it than just deliveries; it is about adding value. When you adopt the policy of providing value for others first, you secure your long term relationship with your potential customer. Perhaps the most fundamental lesson here is to have your business strategy aligned around the customer’s expectations. And in order to understand the customer’s expectations, you need to understand the customer’s perspective. In other words, engaging in on-going and two-way dialogue with potential customers, sharing information and getting as close as you can to understanding your customer’s needs. Furthermore, to be more precise, how your customers can make profits.

When you want to increase your profits, customer service is probably the best place to start. Customer feedback mechanism is all about identifying areas for improvement. Your customers may not know how much you are worth to them until you show them how much you care about their business and vice versa. Once the improvements have been made, profits will follow automatically. Giving your customers the best experience is the best way to increase customers’ base and consequently your profits.


Hence, it cannot be over emphasized that having an effective feedback system in place is pivotal for gathering the necessary information. However, the gathered information is useless, if you are not proactive, compassionate and diplomatic in responding to the customer feedback. Businesses that think long term always pay attention to the little things mentioned by the customers. So it is worth investing in improving customer experience as this is the secret to success.

Customers always respond well to honesty and transparency. If and when there are delays in delivery or some other faults, there is no shame in being upfront and letting your customers know the facts. In most cases, the customers will be understanding and appreciate the candidness. Bad customer service almost always results in loss of profits and loss of customers. Profits and customer experience go hand in hand. It is not possible to separate the two. Once this fact has been understood and implemented in the company’s policy there is no reason why the business cannot make strong profits.

Your customers are in the best position to tell how your business can gain a competitive edge. It is for this reason that successful businesses consult with their best customers and keep them informed of any changes taking place. Allowing the customers to feel that you listen to them and care about them is the best experience you can give them.

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