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Guide to Design A Logo

A logo is a symbol, icon, design or an image which conveys a concise message of an organization. A logo is designed to make the organizations recognizable and for that purpose it needs to be original, striking, impressive and memorable. Logo has a connection with the brand.


There are some logos which we can recognize easily without even their brand names mentioned and then there are logos which we do not know and can forget easily. What is the thing which makes certain logos recognizable and the rest non-recognizable? Is it the design or the symbol through which we can relate? Or is it the striking color or the text it follows? Well I guess it is the finest combination of all these things.

If you are in a way to design an attractive and an impressive logo you are in a position to depict the perception of the consumers. It looks quite easy to design a logo but it is not just making a graphical figure adding some text and here you go! It is about having a detailed information about designing a logo, then having an extensive market research about the characteristics of the consumers and their perceptions about the specific product.

If you are investing heavily on the time, resources and money to develop a logo then it should be an impactful, impressive and an accurate one. Here are some simple but important things to remember while making an appropriate logo for your organization, brand or a company.



First of all the most important thing to be considered is that, the logo should be simple. Best logos are the ones which can immediately convey to the consumers who you actually are. They are not clustered with so many things and text not even overly drawn. Rather they are simple, clean, clear but still meaningful and attractive.



Logos are usually given just a glance for a second or so. The logo should be as striking that the glimpse of a second leaves its impact on the consumers. This is how it will make the logo memorable and recognizable. While making the logo memorable do not forget the most essential thing, to make it simple as well.


Your logo should be an innovative and a new one. Do an extensive research of all the logos in your industry and then go for developing a totally new thing. Never try to replicate the already existing ones it will never help you in making an impact on your consumers.


Your logo should be up to date and modern. But this never means that the logo is just for the present time. It should be the one which is modern yet also represent the same sentiments in the future too. The best designed logos are the ones which will be effective in future 10, 20, 50 and so on years.


Your logo should be designed in a balanced and appropriate way. Everything needs to be proportionate and symmetrical. The figure, the design, the text should be complementing each other. Along with that it should also be representing the purpose for which it is actually developed.


Along with all the simplicity, recognizability, innovation, modernism and balance the logo needs to be versatile as well. The logo may be used on so many things including Souvenir T-Shirts, Pens, Mugs and Key chains, on horizontal/vertical banners, on black and white or colorful backgrounds, with other logos in small or a large size as well. It should be the one which will readable and recognizable in all the above stated or any other scenarios.

All you need to do is 1) a research, 2) know the consumers, 3) sketch the initial ideas, 4) revise and review the initial ideas and then 5) finalize the revised and reviewed ideas in a logo.

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