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Have Nuts!!!

The title above may sound a bit weird but, wait a second! I am talking about eating nuts and nothing else. Our bodies are prone to many irregularities and diseases all the time we are alive and it may sometimes become really dangerous. Our eating habits should not only ensure our survival but should also be protecting us from unwanted health issues. Nature has saved in itself many health benefits and nutrients that our body demands on regular basis. A balanced diet is what keeps a human body fit with a little bit of exercise and workout. What extra things we can add in some particular amount to shield the body against diseases and health issues? Well, that can be the nuts and seeds abundantly available in Mother Nature.



Nuts are a great source of fiber, which is a special kind of carbohydrate mostly available in plant based food items. Fiber is the major reason to keep the bowel movements and stool regular and normal. It also helps in slowing down the process of digestion which in turn is helpful in decomposing and adding sugar in the blood and body slowly to keep the blood sugar level normal and controlled. Nuts are also an instant and a very good source of energy too. A handful of nuts will not only keep you energetic and active but will also fulfill the daily body needs and demands. Nuts are also a source of healthy and saturated fats which the body needs to keep functioning properly. Other sources of unsaturated and unhealthy fats like from animal meat and products is not beneficial whereas, from these nuts is a really useful one. They have omega 3 fatty acids to keep the red blood cells nourished, enhance the functionality of brain and fight inflammation.

Aging leads to, many diseases and lack in energy but people who have added nuts in their life will not be facing them that easily. Even though people eating nuts in a specific amount not more than a handful daily, weigh less but still have sufficient energy to work all day long. According to a research it also protects a human body from type 2 diabetes and heart diseases as well. So far we have come across the conclusion that nuts are necessary to be a part of our diet and life but let us have a look at them individually. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, and calcium. If you do not have dairy products in your diet plan an eating habits almonds are a replacement for fulfilling all your body’s calcium and bone building needs. Vitamin E on the other hand is very effective in having a perfect and glowing skin. Try eating almonds with their skin intact which is very helpful for heart related issues.

Brazil nuts a very effective source of maintaining the thyroid hormones in the body, people having thyroid problems should eat them regularly. Only two to three brazil nuts are more than enough to fulfill all the needs, they are also very helpful in keeping the immune system strong. Cashew nuts are a great source of minerals like iron and zinc are also rich in protein. Another mineral found in cashew nuts which is mineral magnesium, helps a lot in preventing issues of memory loss due to aging. Chestnuts are source full of low fats and calories along with vitamin C and vitamin B6. Hazelnuts have been proved to be really helpful in fighting heart diseases and Parkinson because of the presence of high level of homocysteine in them. Other useful nuts include pistachios, peanuts, pecans and macadamias each having unique health benefits stored in them.

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