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Health Benefits of Tea!

Are you interested in keeping yourself fit and healthy? Tea is certainly the best option. There are so many health benefits of drinking tea that, if you are not even fond of tea, after knowing them you will be thinking at least once to drink it. Originally there are only green, black, white and oolong variety of tea. Other things like herbal tea and similar are actually a blend of many herbs together and is technically not referred as tea. Before knowing about the unlimited health benefits make sure you having pure tea and not a blend of different herbs.


After water, tea is said to be the second most consumed beverage worldwide. People may have different choices in the taste and type of tea but, it is drunk all over the world. For people who are weight conscious tea can be very beneficial as it helps in maintaining the weight and keeping you fit and slim. Green tea is the type of tea which fights with the fats in your body and help you in not gaining the weight. It is recommended not to take bottled full of added sugar green tea drinks as they have nothing to do with weight loss. Take good quality green tea leaves or green tea bags and boil them in water to get the essential extracts. Green tea extracts also keep your eyes in good health and prevent them from many eye diseases.


White tea full of polyphenol counts, helps you look younger and prevents aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are researched to be less in people who have added white tea in their daily intake of beverages and food. Just like white tea keeps you out of thinking and worrying about aging, black tea has a magic of reducing stress levels. Stress of any kind can be relieved in few minutes by taking a cup of black tea. As stress levels increases in a person’s body the chances of high blood pressure increase which ultimately is the major reason of having strokes and heart attacks. Black tea is what can prevent you from these life threatening diseases.

Tea has caffeine in it even though in a lesser amount than coffee but still it helps in preventing and lessening the risk of suffering from diabetes. Another benefit of having less caffeine in tea is that if coffee makes you jittery and sleepless you can easily switch to tea. The benefits will be almost the same and it will relax you in the same way but without these unwanted feelings. Apart from the milk which is added, the tea itself is researched to be very useful in keeping the bones strong. Tea is mistaken to be bad for your teeth but actually it is not the tea but the sugar which is added in it, destroying your teeth. On the other hand tea may be a reason of a very attractive and good smile if taken with care without much or no sugar.

Having tea when you are fighting with some infection in the body, helps the immune system to fight more powerfully and actively. Cancer is one bad and stressing disease one can have. Fortunately just like coffee, tea also has useful antioxidants in it which help a person in fighting cancer. Unlike all the old concepts and myths, that tea does not help the body staying hydrated have been vanished. Recent studies show that it has nothing to do with the amount of caffeine, tea keeps you hydrated and fulfills the body demands of fluids. Taking pure tea without sugar or milk in it is totally calorie free. Tea can even help in boosting the metabolism, people suffering from not eating much and slower metabolisms are suggested to add tea in their daily intake. Overall, tea has unlimited and uncountable health benefits, if taken wisely and in a healthy way.

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