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High Heels: Why & How to Wear Them!

A pair of high heels in the collection of a woman’s footwear adds in her more confidence and beauty. Mostly women have to work all day long and for that they prefer comfortable flats or sneakers, to perform all the daily chores easily. But no matter what a woman prefers as comfort, she would must have a pair of elegant and enchanting high heels as well. There is a long list of things that why women love to wear high heels. A woman is born delicate and classy, her walk is totally different from how men walk. To put some more grace and attractiveness in that beautiful walk they wear high heels. Shoes are the ultimate way one can look more graceful or a total disaster.


Mostly women enjoy the attraction or responses they get when they wear high heels and it boosts up the level of confidence and self-reliance in them. Men also feel an extraordinary attraction in a women wearing a beautiful pair of high heels than the ones moving in front of them in flats. According to a study being conducted the statistics show that the minimum number of pairs of high heels a women may own ranges from 4 to maximum of 25. Women have always desired to look the most beautiful among all the others and in that effort they try every possible thing they can do. Wearing high heels is also a part of that.


There is a wide range of high heeled shoes a lady can own: pumps, stilettos, wedges, high heel boots and much more. Above any other reason one thing is real obvious and that is, heels add up in the height. This is actually the main reason high heels were invented and what mostly women have in their minds while wearing them. There can be a lot of reasons behind women wanting to add a little more in their natural height. Round and short heighted women mostly prefer wearing high heels to make their overall look a bit long and sleek. Some may want to balance their heights with their partners and some may have a reason to compliment a long flared dress.

That customary thought that smaller women look good and classy in high heels than the already heighted ones, has been changed in all these years. A long heighted woman can carry the high heels in the same graceful manner as any of the short heighted would have. Stilettos are mostly the best choices to turn the heads around you. Not only men but women will also compliment the other women wearing the high heels elegantly. If you want some more attention then go for wearing something extraordinary, plain heels are so mainstream nowadays. With a change in choices and fashion heels have been transformed too.

High heels are designed in a way that they mostly compliment anything or any outfit a woman is wearing. A woman’s personality changes totally when her outfit and shoes are in the best combination and it is the highest level of confidence a woman may ever feel. Wearing heels is not the only thing, one must also know how to properly walk in them. If wearing high heels is making your walk look strange and uncomfortable, never wear them as it will totally shatter the whole personality you have. Women mostly do not think and work on the posture after wearing high heels and looks the most odd. After wearing high heels keep your back straight and stand upright, the walk should be from heel to toe and heel to toe. Women try to walk and put more pressure on their foot and that way they can cause a severe injury and dislocation of the bones.

Never try to follow very single thing everyone is following, as you are just not like all the others. Your body structure, your weight and personality is totally different from another woman. So, choose and wear smartly, something which compliments you and your overall personality. Find the right heels, otherwise do not try them at all!

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