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How Marketers Can Improve Their Relationship With Sales?

A company itself is not directly linked with the customers but there are two critical departments in the company which are linked with them. Sales and marketing departments are those two departments who have direct interaction with the customers and they are related with one another some way or the other. Sales are the ones who are making sales for the company while marketing department is driving customers to come and get the items bought. When they are both related to customers they have their combined importance as well. The business now a days is conducted in such a manner that both of them now cannot work separately on different goals. Their objectives and goals should be submerged and combined efforts are needed to achieve them.

Individually both the departments possess great deal of efficiency and goals achieving power for the organization. Marketing is busy in attracting and convincing the customers to at least visit the store and sales is the department further convincing them to buy. When both of them are combined and regulated they will be the major factors in determining an organization’s success and level of earning profits. When both are combines they serve as the basis of earning revenue for the organization on which further depends the future success of that business.

Some major and important reasons are stated above about why sales and marketing both should have a good sound relationship with each other. Following are explained some simple but important techniques to improve that relationship:

Have a Combined/Aligned Sales & Marketing Message:

No matter both the departments are separated according to their work divisions but they are working on one similar goal of maximizing the number of customers and profits for the organization. They both having the same goal should have one aligned and affiliated message which will be delivered to the target audience. All the channels of providing content and marketing should use that one message to be shared among customers on behalf of both the departments of the organization. In case if both have different dimensions and messages that organization will have a negative effect.

One aligned message does not mean that the sales message individually will need to compromise its value and dimensions. The message should be consistent with both the different departments depending on their individual values and worth. A combined strategy is needed to be developed and discussed in detail with all the concerned and affiliated parties. Two differently stated and differentiated messages will only confuse and rather frustrate the customers rather than impressing and attracting them.

Create Combined Buyer Personas:

There is a common practice that marketers create buyer personas without even asking sales consent and knowledge about the customers and buyers. This non-cooperation and separately delivered messages increase the gap between sales and marketing which in turn negatively affects the performance of the business and organization. The end result comes in terms of not correctly and appropriately targeting the target audience.

Sales people have a direct interaction with the customers and they are the ones building relationships with the customers on behalf of the business. Their perspective in building the buyer persona is as important as the marketers’ knowledge about the market. The one on one interaction helps the sales people to know more about the buyers’ personalities and their behaviors. Inputs from sales people will help in creating the best of buyer personas and hence targeting them in the most appropriate and best manner.


Feedback of Customer Interactions:

Customers are meeting and having conversations with the sales people on regular and daily basis. These interaction sessions help the sales people to understand in the best possible way about the buyers’ demands, needs, wants and wishes. They can easily describe the first hand experiences of the buyers and how they have liked or disliked certain characteristic being offered to them in the business’s products and services. Such information is very critical while marketers need to develop different strategies of marketing and attracting the already existing buyers as well the ones which have not approached the company yet in the most appropriate manner. All the marketing team has to do is get the feedbacks on regular basis form the sales people about their interactions and experiences with different buyers on different levels.

Team up on Content Marketing:

The purpose of the marketing team is to build just the accurate and exact content to attract and keep the website buyers in visiting and buying from it. The sales team can join up the marketing team in explaining the dimensions of the buyers which will help in creating creative blogs, videos, infographics and all the other content creating factors.

The direct interaction of sales people with the buyers can easily define at different times and phases of the business about the challenges and opportunities available for the business. The marketers can use the stated opportunities in their content marketing and can avoid and cope up with the challenges which can be faced from the customers in future.

Work Combined on Lead Scoring:

Lead scoring is one thing for which the basic requirement is having combined sales and marketing team. It is a procedure to predict about the time and efforts it will take to convert the leads in to sales. The foremost objective of the marketing team is to ensure that the lead is a qualified one, before forwarding it to the sales department. The question which arises is that what if both the teams do not agree on what actually makes a lead worth sales? What if the marketing team is passing all leads early to the sales team even if they are not yet ready to be converted in to sales?

The simple solution to the problem is to have a combined sales and marketing team which will first define the criteria of qualified leads and the action which need to be completed before forwarding them to the sales people. This will help in deeply understanding the leads and only such leads will be forwarded which are ready to buy. Sales department will only have to follow up leads that have already made a decision to buy and they can save a lot of time and energy this way. This will increase the chances of making more sales and ultimately more profit for the business.

Organizations having strong relationships among sales and marketing teams have more chances of being successful and staying on top of the industry.

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