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How to be Irrationally Honest in Marketing

Marketing until now has been promoting the good aspects of your products and services in a way to attract the customers. What if it is not working? I would suggest you to be irrationally honest. Despite only promoting the good aspects promote the product just the way it is, even if you have to show the weak points, go for it. People will appreciate your honesty and commitment and will definitely like to try the product or a service you are offering to them.


The question is how to do so? Let’s have a look at how you can do the marketing honestly. First of all admit that, your product is not for everyone. Nothing is actually manufactured by keeping in mind the whole world. A certain group of people are kept in mind i.e. the target audience. Then why not be honest while marketing, that you are targeting some specific people. Promote it in a way that the ones under target feel excellent and important while the ones not been targeted do not feel offensive. Rather do it in a way that the ones not been targeted feel good that the company itself is telling that we are not for you.

After that, be honest in accepting that you are not perfect in everything. You may have a competitive edge over quality but your competitors might be good in pricing strategy. So, just like the best features of your product highlight the weakest ones too. But, do not forget to portray it in a way that it should not look as important as the ones you are good in and try to assure the audience that you will be overcoming them in a short while.


Show the audience that you learn from your mistakes. Do not try to fade the controversial stories about you. Rather go for telling it straightly and honestly. Show the audience that you know what happened has done a lot of damage and that you have paid for it to the customers. After making them sure that you have a realization convince them by showing solutions, that the same thing will never happen again. This will make you an honest and responsible company and people will forget about what happened and they will give you another chance.

One thing to remember and try is to praise your competitors. I know this sounds strange but the fact is that you and they are in the same industry, targeting same kinds of people, with a same objective of solving the same problems. For marketers it is quite a tough job but trust me once you do it will have a very positive impact over your targeted audience.

Every marketing team somewhere at some time must have done something embarrassing and awkward. Nothing to feel bad, it happens with almost everyone. To overcome it, laugh at your own silly mistakes. It will not only lighten the environment but will also overcome your embarrassment.

Anyone is capable of doing mistakes and blunders no matter what you are a big name or a small unit of people working together. Rather than denying the mistakes and overcoming them accept them with grace and be honest in telling the right thing which happened. It will not make any damage, but will make people realize that they are important for you and that’s why you are telling them the truth.

Does it really sound that awkward or difficult now to be irrationally honest? I don’t think so. It may sound unusual and anti-marketing but trust me it will help you in gaining the position you actually want to achieve. But before going straight away to the audience develop some good strategies and show them to the experts before bringing them on air.

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