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How to Build a Customer Centric Company?

A company itself is always responsible for the kind of customer experiences they are providing to their customers. A customer should always be the center of focus for all the brands. Even nowadays, when it is actually proven that customer is the ultimate boss who decides the fate of the company’s success or failure, there are brands that do not pay much attention to the customer experiences. They are not only ignoring the fact that their customer experiences are to be focused but also ignoring the fact that they might need to make improvements in what they are already giving to their customers.


Generally only two kinds of brand talk a lot about their customers, the ones who have excellent plans and second are those who have really bad and unproductive plans for customer experiences. Unfortunately, due to some unknown and unrecognized factors, both kinds of brands which are talking a lot about their customers do not practically prove to be that active in reality. Companies are required to change their whole culture to be more customer obsessed. This is one huge change and it is really difficult to be achieved as changing the whole culture of the organization can affect its perceptions among the customers and its employees as well.

Understanding the customer experience more deeply is what it is necessary to move towards having a customer centric organization/company. The best serving companies and brands are the ones these days, which are focusing more on their customer experiences. This never means that companies are required to make the customer experience as their ultimate goal to be achieved, rather it is to recognize this important trait and try to find it out in the ideal customers. The companies who realize the importance of being a customer centric will approach and prefer the marketers with similar point of views and the ones who understand the value of it.

A company’s work would not only have been good but great if they start focusing on the customers and the factors which motivate them rather than starting with itself or the brand. There is a long list of brands which were working the most efficiently in the past years but now they have lost their identities and have been replaced by many others. The major reason behind their falling behind is not that they have not been active on any social media platform rather it is that they have lost their track of recognizing that what is that wonderful thing about themselves.

Customer Centricity:

It is very easy to point out and recognize a customer centric organization. The basic and simple mindset of a customer centric company is, when a decision is to be made about anything like the way the company thinks about the product, the way company is marketing the product and the way the company is selling the product, it all starts with an understanding of who is that product is actually for and what they need. This simply might mean that, the company will always start with an informed perspective on who are its customers.

It is very important and productive point for a company to start with but the reality is that it is way more difficult than the imaginations when put into practical implementation. This is more difficult for the large organizations and companies where it is not easy to define who its customers are, because of the huge range and categories of products being offered from their end for various groups and categories of targeted audiences. There are three major concerns when a company tries to be transformed into a customer centric organization: lack of clarity, failure to get broad-based buy-in and loss of interest.


How to Build a Customer Centric Organization:

After getting the insight in to what actually customer centric organizations is and why is it important to be a one let us try to find out how one organization can be transformed in to a customer centric organization. Here are a few points and advices to be noticed when trying to be a customer centric organization:

Have a Shared Definition of Who the Customer is

Companies have their buyer personas but they do not use them consistently or even do not use them at all. While there are also other companies which have even taken the record of their buyer personas in their different departments. It is very easy to have a lot of different definitions of who the customer is but this is not being customer centric. For being real customer centric company the company needs to have one common and accepted definition of who the customers are throughout the whole organization. Every employee no matter which department he/she belongs to, should know clearly who they are actually working to serve.

Have a Comprehensive View of Customer Experiences

The journey of a customer is nor linear neither is it defined by the marketing department. The companies need to know all the various interactions a customer is having with the company before becoming the customer, during the process of becoming the customer and after becoming the customer. Understanding all these points of interactions will help the company to know where they are lacking any creativity in providing the good customer experience.

Have a Multi-dimensional View of Customers and their Needs

Understanding a company’s customers’ demographic information and behaviors is not all that is required to build better customer experiences. But, it is also required to have knowledge about the customer needs and their motivations. If a company can anticipate the emotions or desires of customers, it can easily tailor the experience to address these needs in the most personal way possible.

Few other things to remember while moving forward towards being a customer centric company are: measuring the customer experience and making the executives and leadership accountable for customer experiences. When these things are combined and kept in mind while transforming in to a customer centric company all the difficulties can, if not eliminated, be reduced.

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