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How to Close the Sales in this Era of “Always Stay Helpful”?

A good sales man is never pushy and a pushy sales man is never good for anyone. The process of selling has now become more like treating like a doctor or solving the issues and problems of people like a counselor. It is no more like convincing people for something they are not at all interested in. social media is one big platform of searching for products which is used by almost everyone from the higher level management to normal consumers. If your sales man is trying too hard to close the deals rapidly and continuously then he is actually destroying your business’s reputation.

How can sales people be effective in closing deals along with not being too pushy at the same time? To stay successful in modern sales a sales person needs to use different combined techniques, tactics and activities. Learning more about the product to be sold, listening to the buyers more attentively and actively, handling multiple stakeholders and working as a mediator in different situations is what a sales person needs to do altogether in staying successful. Not just this along with these activities he needs to balance them with staying professional, helping, cooperative and staying controlled under the process of sales.

All this may sound too hard to handle the sales this way but we have no other options than to adopt this. The time has changed, the rules and preferences of the buyers have changed and then you have to change as well. The best way is to help the buyers in exploring what they are looking for without being a jerk and forceful, it will for sure close the deals without any annoyance.

Some strategies how to maintain this calm in the sales people are described under as:

Manage More Deals with Broader Pipeline:

There will be some of your deals which will close on the spot while there will also be ones which will be delayed one day, one week, one month, a year or will never close at all. You being a salesman should accept this part of the reality too that deals may not close as well. In this time it is not worth letting people decide and close deal within a month rather you need to think of broader and long term pipeline or strategy so that you can have more chances in future to get the deals closed.

One major part of managing this kind of pipeline is to know how to manage the prospects. If the prospects want to delay their start date of closing the deal for short period of time then it is fine, but you being a salesman cannot predict and make forecasts on the basis of dreams and hopes of prospects. You need to be more focused and be as specific as possible whenever you foresee a deal rolling towards next month. Establish one particular date and time to follow up the prospect.

Spend Time Only with Prospects Who Have Concerns with the Business:


Good prospects always have serious concerns with their businesses and they care more about dealing with you being an understandable one. They would love if you will help them in knowing about what are their concerns and formulate for them a good problem statement so that they can further move on to the solution. It is a best way to make them purchase from you if you exactly know how to find out their business concerns and problems.

There is no need to tell them directly that whatever they are explaining as a problem does not actually sounds like a problem but you need to help them indirectly. It is good if you understand their issue and then keep providing them information about what they might not have thought about. This way you are indirectly taking them to their real needs and hence convincing them to purchase from you.

Keep your Buyer’s Needs in Mind While Creating a Buying Plan:

Prospects forget the fact that their journey never ends the day they have purchased from you. In fact, the struggle and hard work has just started. You, being a sales person need to make them realize by telling them to remember their business goals and then move forward towards how they can achieve those stated goals. The best way to accomplish this technique is to let your prospect say it all themselves and then merge your plan according to their own knowledge.

Having them draw conclusions and perceptions about what you are trying to tell them is better and more powerful than telling them directly no matter the fact that you are right. Focus more on implementation of the created buying plan rather than just the purchases and create an urgency indirectly in to the minds of the prospects.

Ask Happy Customers For Recommendations:

Whereas few bad actions can destroy your whole image so does few good steps of professionalism and excellent sales execution can do totally opposite. You can leverage your existing network of happy customers to attract and get more prospects and end more future sales.

You can ask your happy customers to give a feedback and recommendation on your behalf so that other people reading their reviews and experiences would also wish to have a deal with you. You have various options for your happy customers, ask them to write a LinkedIn recommendation, write references for future prospects, blog about your product or anything promoting you from their side. This will help in you doing your job well and more accurately. Instead of you telling people the whole story about how you can help them, a person who has already experienced it from you will be a more effective tool in persuading people.

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