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How to Find and Hire Someone for SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is the process through which the visibility of a website or a webpage is increased by getting the traffic from free, organic or natural search results on search engines.

SEO has become one of the most vital process for online businesses. People are hired for this special purpose. Hiring someone for this critical position can be very tricky. An inconsiderate SEO blunder can result in a Google penalty. Anyone who has been searching for the right SEO for a long time, can tell that the supply of SEO expert does not match with its demand of search engine marketing services. Even in technologically advanced big cities SEOs are rarely found.

Mostly the companies do not look for people who know it all. If someone is smart, has the right attitude and is willing to learn then he will be the right choice for the companies. As a candidate you must have to be a self-starter, independent, always looking forward to enhance your skills, have a small understanding of the importance and understanding of why SEO is important.



Sometimes the best choice for a company is to hire someone with no experience of digital marketing but has a great potential to learn, and then train them and have them be fantastic. However, not anyone can be just hired for SEO job, there are some skills and characteristics that a candidate must possess. Following are few things to be considered in the candidate while hiring for SEO:

Do They Have A Potential For Independent And Aggressive Learning?


The right candidate must be someone who is ready to learn and has the ability to enhance the level of knowledge on his own. Successful SEOs spend a lot of time in reading and learning outside of their work hours. While interviewing a candidate for SEO give them a quick scenario and ask them, what would they do in such a situation and how will they pick up a new skill or knowledge.

Before the interview give them some topics to go through, about the importance of SEO and some beginner’s guides etc. Then ask them what they have learned from all those given topics. A candidate’s own preparation for the interview also matters a lot, as this shows their level of interest in the job.

Do They Have A Small Understanding Of What SEO Is?

Mostly people are excited to learn about SEO but it never lasts for more than one or two years. Then the excitement and consent diminishes. The main reason is that they do not have an understanding of what actually SEO is and what is it not. SEO is not just a single technique; it is a whole lot process of marketing and connecting the websites that have stuff with those people who want to buy that stuff. The trends change on a regular basis and so also the techniques for SEO. Things have to be reviewed and changed on the regular basis.

Ask the potential candidates what they have retained from the research and how will they keep themselves updated to the new things coming in the future. Candidates must have the potential to use the internet as a tool to connect the customers with the business, as all the SEO clients want revenues and not just the rankings. A candidate must also know that why is it important for the business to invest in searching.

Can They Write?

Writing is not just essential for a content creator, it is also very critical for SEO too. While going through the candidate’s resume, first of all have a look if there any grammatical mistakes or other typo errors in it or not. This shows their ability to write and communicate properly. Any kind of a writing experience can be an advantage for the candidate. Give them a topic to write few lines during the interview. Also before the interviews, pay attention to how they are communicating via emails. Good writing is about communicating the ideas and not just about a good grammatically correct language.

Some other things that can be considered while hiring someone for SEO can be: their critical thinking and data analysis skills, are they internet savvy? Do they have any prior experience in marketing, advertisement or public relations? No one will possess all the above discussed abilities. Some will be better in writing and communicating while others may have a good ability to learn aggressively. Still, sometimes hiring someone with no experience but has a potential to learn may turn out to be the excellent choice, rather than the person who had experience.

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