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How to Pick the Right Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes and have a unique style statement. Many times we see people wearing shades or sunglasses in such a classy way that we just cannot resist from turning heads towards them. But how they look so appealing depends on their knowledge about their face and what suits their face the best way. Choosing from a variety of brands and styles available in market becomes a tough job. There will be some of the sunglasses which will perfectly suit your features and will enhance them. On the other hand there are also some which will actually fade out your features.


You must be thinking, if it is that difficult to choose then how you will find out the right one for yourself. Well, no need to worry about that we are presenting here a step by step easy way to choose a perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself. All you need to start the process is find out the shape of your face. A general proposition is to pick up the shape of glasses opposite to your very own face shape. So, how are you going to know your face is square, oval, triangle or a round one? You have a square shaped face if the jaw is strong is almost the same width as the forehead and along with that the chin is not sharp and defined. In this very case you round framed sunglasses will be the perfect one complimenting. Aviator frames from Ray Ban are actually also the ones which suit the square shaped face best.


A round shaped face will have, quite wide and larger cheeks with other areas of the face not being angular. Just as, a square shaped face is suited best with the round shaped sunglasses, the round face will be best suited with the rectangular frames. Rectangular shaped sunglasses not only give angles and edges to the round face but also makes it look a bit longer than how much actually it is. Do not forget to consider your skin tone as well, if you have a dark complexion you can easily wear dark and black shades. But, someone with a lighter complexion should avoid very dark and black shades as they may take over the whole attention and will look a bit odd. Rather lighter skin tone people should go for browns and yellows in the frame colors.

If the length of your face is seemingly more than its width then you have a long face. With a long face go for buying sunglasses which will make your face look more proportional and equalizing the length and width both. But remember not to wear sunglasses which actually are wider than the widest part of your face as it will make the face look more thin and long. A triangular face has a very pointed and edgy chin, with a forehead way wider than it. Rectangular shaped sunglasses may compliment a triangular shape face as it will try to balance out the difference in width of forehead and chin.

If you are having a problem in getting the shape of your face correctly a trick is to take a mirror and a marker. Position the mirror in front of your face so that you can clearly see it, after that draw the face with a marker on the mirror. Once you have finished drawing the face it will give you a clear picture of, what is the shape of your face. Another thing can be done is to measure properly your jawline, width of forehead, cheekbones to cheekbones and the length of the face. Once you are done with it compare them according to the above stated face shapes and you will easily get to know about your original face shape. Before buying also keep in mind to buy such designs of the frames which you know will work longer even after years. As, even nowadays there are some trendy classic sunglasses frames which were originally introduced decades before.

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