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How to Reach the International Customers?

The world is moving forward continuously in becoming a global market. Therefore, the need of uninterruptedly targeting new customers has also reached an all-time high level. Customers are no more restricted to local regions. They are now global and international customers. People are targeted throughout the world by companies working in different regions of the globe. Geographical location is not a barrier for any business, people living in any part of the world can be targeted by businesses from other parts.


People who might not yet have recognized a brand and its products/services should be targeted to extend the boundaries of that brand. Marketing efforts need to be expanded to reach the potential international customers. Though reaching international audience is not as easy as it sounds rather it needs to know deeply about all the regional laws, customs, cultures and online behaviors. Every region has its very own traditions and cultures of running the business hence, anyone interested to enter that region should be well aware of all those things. Otherwise, it will be a huge obstacle; even the online buying behaviors of the customers differ from one region to another.

Why Reach Global Audience?

The foremost reason to why a business should start striving for customers outside its region or country is the increasing popularity of online shopping trends. Potential customers of a business can be anywhere living at any part of the world. Ratio of the number of people using internet outside one region will always be greater than the ones using inside that particular region. A huge number of online buyers are residing in different countries of Europe, Asia, US and the Middle East. Internet is a global facility and is used by the majority of population in the world.

Therefore, the ultimate reason of moving towards global audience along with the local customers is the increasing use of internet and technology. A combination of both has brought the world closer to each other. The distance between a manufacturer and the final consumer is not an issue anymore. A Business should have its separate, unique and strategic marketing plan to reach the international customers.

Move towards International Customers:

It is not easy to move towards the customers who do not belong to the society in which the business is already working. There are some important things to consider after deciding to target the international audience. Few things to remember are as follows:

1:- Cross-Cultural Skills & Behaviors:


Every culture has its own attributes which are found deeply in the people living in it. The very first step while making a move towards international customers is, to know those basic cultural differences between the business and its international targeted customers. Once, the difference is identified it will be easy to know about the buying behaviors and attributes of those customers.

To know more about the culture of the international buyers it is first required to know deeply about the business’s own culture. After studying both the cultural sides it will be easy to determine the barriers which can be the obstacles while reaching the global audience. The understanding of own culture will help in figuring out the differences between both the cultures.

To know other cultures one can take the help of books and essays written on one particular culture. The attributes of cultures defined in those essays and books are mostly generalized and cannot be taken as the last word. The best way is to know the basics through the text available and then make your own strategies by keeping those basics in mind. Cultures differ within themselves on the basis of genders, generations, groups, age and geographical aspects. Therefore it is necessary to understand the other culture on the basis of these aspects as well. This is will help in eliminating as much differences among cross-cultural skills and behaviors as possible.

2:- Preferred Search Engines:

The word popping up in most of the minds when we say search engine is “Google”. It is the world’s largest used search engine but definitely not the only one. In most of the regions it has almost all the hundred percent market share but in some localities people prefer some local search engines as well. Russia has its popular search engine named “Yandex”, while China has “Baidu”. Yahoo is the most widely used search engine in Taiwan and Japan. These names might not sound as popular as Google but to know them is an important factor while moving towards targeting people living in these regions of the world.

The marketing plan should have a wise strategy to choose the best search engine prevailing in the region where the business wants to target the customers. The next step is to localize all the content to be presented on that search engine. The content should always be in coherence with what is read in that particular region. The last thing is to choose the native keywords.

3:- Languages:

Language is the basic medium of spreading the word and content about a business. There is a lot more than just translating the content in the customer’s language. Just like the culture defines the skills and behaviors of the buyers it also defines the way a business is conducted. A customer from one region might respond differently to a website’s online content than the other.

It is better to do not use the automatic translation tools as they totally take out the soul of the content. People of the translated language will never get attracted from such inexpressive content. A very useful option is to find someone belonging to that particular native language and ask that person to review the translated content. Ask the person to check whether the translated version makes any sense in the targeted culture or it is just a waste of time. The essence of the content should remain the same as it was written.

Going global will make you face some hardships but they are worth getting the market globally. To avoid all the unwanted obstacles do consider the above stated options and some others along with them as well according to the global developed marketing plan.

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