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How to Select Your Living Room Furniture?

Our houses are the best places where we can utilize our skills to make them look beautiful in so many ways. Every part of the house needs to get decorated and furnished in its very own unique way. Bedrooms need to look comfortable and relaxing so that the sleeping and relaxation time is spent calm and comfy. Drawing rooms are a totally opposite area and are accessorized with different things like sofa sets, antique paintings, decoration items and much more, with a thought of comforting the guests. Similarly guests rooms, dining rooms and other areas need to be furnished differently too.


The most important and used part of our houses i.e. living rooms, need to get furnished and decorated in their own unique essence. Living room is an area where the family, friends and guests mostly spend time together. Keeping in mind all this, it needs a furniture which is appealing, comfortable as well as prone to wear and tear caused by regular use. If you are buying the furniture for your living room for the first time or changing the whole furniture already present in it, first of all take a measurement of the area and space you have. Unless you have an appropriate idea of how much space you have you cannot decide on what size and type of furniture will be suitable for the room.


Planning before anything is the ultimate way to get the best of that thing. After getting the idea of space you have you can make a rough sketch of the items to be placed according to the present area. Use a pencil and paper to sketch out how much space should be occupied and how much should be left vacant. There must be a distance of at least one yard between two furniture pieces as less than that space will make it difficult to walk freely in the room. In the planning phase one thing people always forget to keep in mind is that how wide their room doors are. Your selected furniture should be of a size to get through those doors easily. Planning should also involve the quality of furniture you will be preferring. If you have small kids and the room is to be utilized daily and more often then buy something durable and strong enough. On the other hand if occasionally guests and a few family members are to be gathered, then you can plan to buy something fragile and delicate.

After thinking and planning you can start buying the things you have decided. First of all start with the basic things. Every living room mostly have sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and side tables traditionally. So, buy according to the available space and area the type of these basic things complimenting your room. Buy things made of solid wood and strong frames, they may be a bit expensive than the others but will be more durable and long lasting. Buy sofas with good quality fabric covers. High quality luxurious fabric will not only make you feel more comfortable but also will last longer than any other cheaper fabrics. One more thing to be considered in buying fabric is it should also be stain resistant as no matter you have kids using that furniture or guests, stains and spills can happen with anyone.

Buy comfortable cushions for the sofas complimenting the color of fabric used in sofas. Before buying do check the flexibility and strength of the frame. After picking up all the pieces make sure they are all complimenting each other and then place them in a way that they will be coordinating together. If a specific theme is decided then stick to that and adjust pieces according to that theme. You can add small love chairs and traditional less space consuming chests and other things if you have comparatively lesser space. Keep the things in one way, if you have theme keep everything just according to it. Do not mix two different theme of things as it will look very drastic and not at all appealing.

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