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How to Tame Curly Hair that is Out of Control!

Is your curly hair out of control? Tried everything yet it’s not cooperating? Want to love your hair but just can’t? Its okay most curly haired girls feel the same way about their hair. Yet there also some girls who have learned to manage their hair and make it look absolutely stunning! Curly haired girls are some of the most attractive girls out there. So let’s see what we can do to make your hair the way it’s supposed to be, fabulous!


Love your hair!

The first step is to love your hair, know that you are stuck with this hair forever. Stuck in a good way that is! You have been given your hair for a reason because this type of hair suits you best whether you like it or not. If you don’t love your hair then you will never be able to see all the possible looks you can get with your natural hair with just a bit of taming!

Lay off the heat!!


Burning your hair everyday just to make it look good for the day, is it really worth it? You are destroying your hair. Your hair will get horrible in the long run if you continue to use heat on your hair. Heat is actually taking tolls on your hair, its doing the opposite of what you want it to do. Yeah you won’t feel it when you are straightening or blow drying your hair, but trust me the damage it’s causing you hair is immense. Styling tools like the flat iron wreaks havoc on your hair, fry’s your hair and sucks out all the moisture from it. Stay away from heat and you’ll see beautiful results in no time!

Use serums to manage hair!

Serums can help greatly in managing your unruly hair! It gives your hair shine, moisture and makes it look better overall. Before using serums consider your options, and buy the most natural serum out there. Serums can be applied on wet or dry hair, it depends on you. Use trial and error and see what serum suits you best.

Instead of using a blow-dryer let your hair dry naturally

Letting your hair dry naturally is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Air drying protect your hair from damage. Another thing to keep in mind is when drying your hair, don’t use a towel! If you have curly hair using a towel on your head to dry your hair is really bad for you! It creates frizz and steals moisture from your hair, it also encourages hair breakage. Instead use a plain shirt preferably of pure cotton material to combat frizz and breakage!

Follow the above tips, go out and flaunt your hair and watch the compliments come! Maybe what you don’t like about your hair, other love it! Learn to love yourself the way you are and you will be the best version of you!

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