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Important Things to Remember Before Buying a Power Bank

We are living in a power driven world. We are smart people with the use of almost everything smart in technology. From our smartphones, to tablets and laptops we are living in a time where access of anything is possible within seconds. All these portable gadgets do need power to be saved in their batteries and only when the battery is charged these gadgets will be working. The problem comes when we are short of power in the batteries of these devices and we do not have much time to stay home or a place where we can leave them for charging. Technology is the solution for every other technology problem in our life. Power Bank is a thing which has been developed especially for this purpose of charging the devices anywhere they are getting out of charge.

Technology is something which spreads very rapidly and is adopted by many people right after it is introduced. There is nothing in this world which is produced only by one single manufacturer. Same is the case with power banks available in the market. There is a huge number of brands local or international both, producing power banks of different capacities and properties all around the world. When we have this much diverse options available it becomes really tough to think and decide which thing is actually worth buying and will serve the desired needs. Especially a power related device needs to be the most appropriate and complementing with the device for which you need it. There are certain important things related to power banks which should be taken in mind before buying any one of them.


The very first and the most important of all the things to take care of, is the capacity of that power bank. The capacity of power banks is measured in the units of milliampere -hour (mAh). The simple thing is that the capacity of a device’s battery is also measured in the same units of mAh. This makes it real easy to understand that if you have let’s just suppose a battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh and a power bank of 3,000 mAh it will recharge your battery once completely. Similarly, if the power bank has a capacity of let’s suppose 9,000 mAh it is going to charge your battery fully for the three times. The capacity of a power bank to be considered depends on the usage of the device. If the device gets drained of charge twice a day in its regular use then a power bank double the capacity of your battery will be enough to serve you whole day without any stress and problem. The more a power bank has a capacity the more heavier, pricier and bigger it will be.

The amount of current produced through the power bank matters a lot in the timing it will take to charge the device. The wall chargers which are the ultimate source of charging the devices are usually faster in charging because they produce more amount of current than the power banks. It is advised to buy a power bank with a capacity of more than 1A current produced as there are devices which can easily take 2A of current while charging. If the amount of current being produced will be low, do not expect a speedy charging, your device will need a lot more time than it usually needs to get charged. If you are worried of taking the USB cables along with you everywhere you go just because you will need a power bank to charge your devices. There is a solution for that too, now we have power banks which have USB ports and cables attached with them, which totally eradicate the possibility of leaving the cable at home and staying out of charge because of it. But, as we all know the more a device will have features and specifications the more expensive it will be.

Apart from just the features to be noted and kept in mind, the brand and company manufacturing it matters as well. As a well reputed and recognized company will make devices with better quality, the price may get a bit higher, but I guess quality should never be compromised in any way. Sometimes saving money and buying something cheap can be more damaging as it may be prone to damage you or may not even work, as it may not be compatible. After all this mess, you may think of buying the expensive power bank from a reputed company and brand. This way you will be wasting your time and energy both twice. Do not ever take a power related item for granted and take care of them as much as possible. Buy power accessories of the best quality possible and keep your lovable mobile/portable devices with yourself for a long time.

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