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Insecticides & Their Effects

Farming is the ultimate source of producing food items like vegetables and fruits. A human being desires to eat food to keep him/herself active and ready to perform all the daily tasks throughout their life with a positive energy. To keep living we need food or I must say healthy food. Insects and many other pests attack farms and gardens, destroy all the grown vegetables and fruits and leave a farm or garden owner empty handed. Their living depends on these grown food items and they cannot afford to stay empty handed at the end of the day. To keep their farms and trees protected they use insecticides, which keep the unwanted insects away.


The world is growing at a large pace and demands of everything including agricultural items is increasing to a very high levels. To keep those demands fulfilled a farmer and a gardener cannot take a risk of insects attacking their farms and gardens. Insecticides keep those insects and pests away and save the fruits and vegetables. Well, I guess this is good to grow food for people to help them keep living and earn money in return to run their own houses. But the question arises is, are all these insecticides covered food items healthy? Do they have some negative or positive effects on the health and environment?


The top most positive impact is only that it protects the crops from getting destroyed and the crops in that season are produced to a level which can complete the demands of that season. If this does not then happen a raise in price of grown products and their sub produced products will be faced. When we talk about the negative and harmful effects we have a long list of it. People who are sensitive to chemical reactions may suffer from strong allergic reaction, when exposed to insecticides. These allergic reaction may include unbalanced breathing a situation similar to asthma attack, irritation in eyes and nose.

Another dangerous thing which happens is chronic effect of the poisons presence in insecticides. A person exposed to particular chemicals in insecticides may suffer from being lazy, nervous and even a decline in good health. This is something really difficult to treat and even more difficult in cases where the sources and reasons causing these problems are unknown. Environment is dangerously affected through these insecticides. Those chemicals when run off the plants and crops due to a rainfall or other reasons enters the soils and ultimately pollutes the water. Any person drinking that affected water will suffer from acute to chronic diseases. It is not only dangerous for human beings but also for the wildlife. Animals may get badly affected in so many ways through these chemicals.

Minor problems like headache, skin and eye problems, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting can be felt especially by the workers handling these insecticides. One of the most dangerous and life taking disease these days is cancer. The name “cancer” itself gives us shivers and goose bumps. The more alarming thing is insecticides used in our agriculturally grown food items is one of the biggest reasons of cancer. Cancers of skin, prostate, breast, kidneys, lungs, liver, pancreas and brain can be a reason of use of these insecticides. Neurological issues like Parkinson, Alzheimer’s and dementia are also caused in high percentage due to exposure of even small amount of these dangerous chemicals. It also serves to be the reason of destroying the reproductive systems. Birth defects and death of fetus before they are fully grown are one of the major issues caused by these insecticides.

The only prevention can be that these insecticide manufacturing should be banned fully throughout the world. People should be motivated more towards organic farming and agriculture, as this ultimately is the question of their own health and lives. People themselves should indulge in demotivating manufacturers of insecticides and such chemicals to protect our upcoming generation, environment and wildlife.

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