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Know About What Keywords The Target Customers Are Using!

SEO known as Search Engine Optimization and content are two majorly used concepts in marketing of online businesses. Both the concepts are just not simply the concepts but also possess a great deal of importance. Keywords are the basic elements of these concepts and it is important to know what actually people are typing to search on the search engines. How can a marketer get to know a searcher might be typing to search and then add those words in the content. Hence, keywords have very significant roles in developing content marketing and SEO related strategies and campaigns.

What Are Keywords?

Simply defining the word keyword can be the use of a single and an informative word to describe the whole context of a particular content. That one single word can be enough describing what the whole paragraph has hidden in itself. A word or a phrase which is actually a topic of significance is also referred to as keyword. Defining this simple word can be very easy and understanding about it also easy as well. To know in detail keywords are divided further into four distinct categories as; Broad Keywords, Fat Head keywords, Chunky Middle Keywords and Long Tail Keywords.

Broad Keywords: They are generally short words most probably one word defining the whole scenario on its own. Such keywords can easily be applied for single company but the issue is they can also be applied for any other company in the whole industry. This concludes such one word keywords are quiet common and can be used by anyone anytime, which reduces their effectiveness.

Fat Head Keywords: They are generally almost similar to the broad keywords but they constitute more than one word in them usually two to three words.

Chunky Middle Keywords: These keywords have proved themselves to be one of the most competitive keywords and they cannot be easily copied by other people. They are known as the real phrases and words that potential buyers are typing on the search engines all day long. As they are the most helpful one so as to know what they are is also a difficult task.

Long Tail Keywords: As the name is itself defining them they are long phrases and sentences defining completely about what a business is working for and what that business actually is itself.

Importance of Keywords:

Keywords can play a key and vital role in getting a deep insight into the interests, needs, desires and questions of the potential customers. Customers type the important keywords on search engines to get directly to their desired products/services or acquire knowledge about them as much as possible.

Keywords are Foundations of Content

Websites have different pages with serving for different purposes. Every page has its own kind of content on it. There is always a main topic in that content and the topic is further explained with the help of using many topic related keywords. Keywords help in building the strong foundations of the content and hence compelling people to know more about you through the content.

Keywords Depict Purpose & Understanding

Visitors or searchers generally type for one specific item to be searched and then when going through the content they are always in search of relevance of the content with the searched word. The more relevance and relationship the keywords will be promoting the more that customer will develop the interest.

Keywords Help the Search Engines


Search engines while going through the content on the website focus on the keywords that might be defining the whole purpose and message of the content.

How to Know About the Keywords Used by the Potential Customers?

After knowing the worth of keywords let us move forward on how exactly to know in detail what are those words which customers are using in their searches? Knowing about those specific words is a tough task and needs a lot of things to be considered. Following are explained few important points in finding out the keywords being used by the targeted audience:

Use Your Own People

It sounds a bit confusing that who are those who fall in the category of own people and how they can be used? Well your people can be anyone related to the business in one way or the other like customers, employees, potential buyers and the similar. Any individual which is connected to the business from people who are familiar with the business to the ones using and purchasing the products of your business are all included in your people category. The point is to use them by asking them latest topics being discussed within them or the questions they are arising related to the business.

These notes and information can be very effective in knowing more what keywords are being used these days and how can they be further used in the content marketing strategies. The important thing to remember is that while going through this process you need to remove yourself and your identity and step in to the shoes of the customers. This is how you can differentiate among the actually used keywords and the keywords predicted by the business to be used but in real they have not been used.

Go More Social

Social media platforms are one of the great sources to know what people are talking and wanting to know about these days. They can play a good role in determining those keywords but it needs some smart steps to be taken. People interacting on the social media platforms should not get the idea that your business is trying to find out the most frequently used keywords. This means do not go straightforward to the users and ask them what the keywords they are using are. The language and questions should be designed and developed in such a manner that people automatically give out all the information and they do not get the idea that the purpose of asking such question was to make them say it all.

All the social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, Google+ and YouTube they have hidden within themselves different ways of finding out what’s trending on them the most. Take out a good time and get to know about them more deeply to finally get the most of advantage from them for the business.

Use of Google Tools

Every problem has a solution on Google well it is not something wrong to say. Google has different tools available which can easily be used by the businesses’ to get to know more about the popular and frequently used and trending keywords.

We have a tool naming Google Trend which helps the user to get in to knowing about the databases of searches on Google. Any one get look in to searches which are further divided in categories like regions, languages and many others to make it easier to find out what is needed. No matter it is a one single word a complete sentence of combined phrases one can easily look in to all of them with Google Trend.

Google Autocomplete is another option among these tools. Whenever someone starts writing on the search bar of the Google’s search engines it tries to complete out the sentence or phrase on its own, that’s what Google Autocomplete is! Possible searched terms are recommended on the search bar with the help of it and they can easily be noted down as they make up some special keywords.

There are so many other options like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Wordtracker which can be used to track out all the possibly used keywords. Keywords may keep on changing with the passage of time hence a continuous research is needed to be conducted by the businesses to stay updated.

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