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LED or LCD Screens Which one is Better?

Technology has actually changed everything. Yes, everything! From those big large Television Screens now we have ultra slim screens available in different sizes and having the most amazing displays. When it comes to slim and smart screens two things jump up in our minds. One is LED and another is LCD. Both are used in large amount for different purposes all around the world. That old era of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screens has vanished totally. Understanding which is better, starts with knowing what actually they are and how they are different from each other?


Light Emitting Diode (LED) display screens use, as the name itself says, light emitting diodes to present a video image. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is also a thin version of displaying video images, in this technology two polarized sheets have a liquid in between them and when the electricity passes through that liquid, images are displayed on the screen. Both the technologies are basically based on the same phenomenon of displaying the images but differ in the use of backlighting. As, LED screenuses light emitting diodes, LCD screenuses cold cathode fluorescent lamps. LED screens are a better version or a modification of LCD screens.

Old CRT screens had cathode ray incidence and they used to work on their own generated lights. Unlike them LCD and LED screens rely on external sources of lights. Their difference in the way of using backlights also create some other differences. LCD screens have a backlight which needs to be turned on all the time as it is the only source of light in it, this causes some contrast issues. Majorly black color is not displayed deeply specially in combination with other bright colors. LCD screens have low contrast ratios because of this issue. Whereas, LED screens use edge LED lightning and it helps them in being more efficient in displaying dark and black colors. LED lights used in them can be turned off or on, similarly they can be dimmed or brightened, this is the major reason why LED screens have better contrast ratios than LCD screens.


After the contrast ratio let us know what the color accuracy of both screen types is. As mentioned earlier both the screen types are based on almost the same technology and hence when it comes to color accuracy there is not much of a difference. Only the color black has a slight difference in its display. But when LED screens are compared with some extra efficient and some expensive highly designed LED screens there will be some more difference in the color accuracy. Still, there is nothing as such a huge difference.

A great deal of winning shot for LED screens over LCD screens is the thin and sleek design. Led screens are way thinner and slimmer than LCD screens as they have no such issues as backlights and polarized sheets. Screen sizes are just the same but the frame size and weight has a big difference in it. This does not mean that the LCD screens are bulky and heavy but it only shows that how thinner and slimmer an LED screen can be. LCD screens are also way more portable and thinner than the old versioned CRT display screens. But, on top of them both LED screens can be imaginably thinner in comparison.

When it comes to the most important part of the discussion i.e. pricing, we cannot compare them both. Because, LCD panels are manufactured in huge amount these days and when it comes to LED screens the technology is not yet that familiar and hence they are manufactured in bulk just as the LCD screens. This is the only reason why LED screens are highly priced than the LCD screens. Once the technology becomes familiar the prices will automatically come down.

Viewing angle of both the screens are same and no one is superior in this case than the other. It is a perception that LCD screens consume more power than the LED screens as their backlight is never turned off. But there is not much evidence to be convinced that this actually is the reason or not. Hence, the overall comparison shows that LED screens are at a bit higher level than the LCD screens but it only depends on your need and demands that which one should be preferred.

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