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Look More Beautiful: Choose the Right Jewellery!

From centuries women had always been keen and passionate about jewellery. Jewellery is a perfect little thing to complete the overall look. Things like rings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles are some of the things which ultimately add up a grace in your outfit. Sometimes all you need to make your ordinary and simple dress look extravagant is adding one small piece of a jewellery in it. Similarly, just a small piece of wrong jewellery turns a real amazing dress into a mess and worst dress ever. Our modern ladies today have a full command on understanding the importance of jewellery and picking up the right one. Sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to decide on what sort of jewellery will suit certain dress.


First of all, make it clear that how you want your jewellery to work in your outfit? Do you want it to be the center of attraction or just complimenting the outfit? For both the situations there are different answers. In the first scenario, if you want your jewellery to be the center of attraction then you must be choosing your dress likewise. On the other hand, if you want your jewellery to be just complimenting the outfit, then you will be choosing the outfit first and then add a small piece of anything in it. Do not forget to keep in mind the kind of occasion you are attending wearing certain jewellery. Something sensual and attractive neck piece may look great in an evening party but will be a disaster if you are to attend a professional meeting.


There are certain things in jewellery which will definitely match almost all your outfits, but there are others too which are not made to go with all the kinds of dresses. So be sure what you are wearing is suitable and appropriate in all the ways. If you are wearing an embroidered dress with a lot of details in the embroidery then do not go for a jewellery with a lot of things. Try wearing something small yet elegant. People usually do a big blunder by wearing a heavy neck piece with a dress already having a lot of work and embroidery on the neck area. It looks a great mess and nothing more. You can simple wear some small earrings and that is it of a jewellery for such dresses. As jewellery is not a point of focus in heavily embroidered dresses.

For dresses having frills, designs and cuts in it choose something which work out well with the designs and not clash up with the cuts and frills. For long frilly and flairy dresses with a neckline all you can wear is just a delicate bracelet and nothing will be needed more. If you are deciding to wear a dress with a lot of sparkles and shines in it you can wear a design of jewellery which will complement the designs on the dress. For dresses with a lot of layering you need a minimal amount of jewellery as possible. As they are already complimented with scarves and belts etc. For clothes with a lot of colors in them you can choose nude jewellery like just gold or silver. On the same side you can match one color of jewellery with any color in the outfit too. But do not ever make a mistake of wearing different colors of jewellery to represent all the colors in your outfit. It looks so weird when you are wearing red necklace with some green shaded earrings and some yellow rings all at the same time.

Simple outfits are the best things to cater and experiment with any kind of jewellery you want to wear. Your jewellery should be in proportion with the number of accessories you are wearing with a certain outfit. If you already are wearing scarves, belts and headbands then you should go for wearing something as minimal as possible. Like a scarf will never be complimented with some neck piece rather a small attractive brooch will be the best option. Your jewellery should be something depicting your own personality and inner self. It should not be something making you look odd and weird. Try picking something you yourself think is a best depiction of your nature and mood along with what you are wearing.

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