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Marketing with Low Budget

Transferring the concept of goods and services to the ultimate consumer is marketing. Marketing involves four things product, price, promotion and place. With a combination of these four things you can market your products and services. Now a days it has become very difficult for the manufacturers to invest heavily in marketing. Marketing has become expensive and a tough job.

Businesses with comparatively less investments and then low marketing budgets have to face difficulties in marketing their goods and services. Marketing is based on the thinking of a business with respect to customer needs and satisfaction. It is nothing to worry about you can do marketing of your products and services even with low budgets but in an effective way. Go for the resources which will cost you less but the impact is higher.


Some cost and budget friendly means for marketing are:

Be with your Potential Customers

Be around your potential customers. If the customers read certain blogs then be there and share your expertise through blog posts. Be a part of marathons or trade shows and anywhere you expect your potential buyers to visit and showcase them in an attractive way your products and services. Do not wait for them to approach you rather you approach them yourself. Arrange small sessions of questions and answers about their needs and problems. It will not cost you much but the customers will get to know about your products and services more.

Work for Perfect Customers Only


With a low marketing budget do not run for targeting everyone. Rather choose the best ones among the whole potential customers and work for them. This is a tough task but once done properly will make you earn more than you have expected. Work for the customers you can treat effectively and delightfully in return they will delight you by giving the amount you demand.

Show Appreciation

Show appreciation to your customers not necessarily by giving away free gifts and offers but you can do this with small gestures like giving them small, colorful handwritten thank you notes. It means a lot to a customer in this digital world. It does not need to be a long and a fancy all they will appreciate is a small note straight from the heart. It will definitely touch their hearts and they will feel good for the products they have bought.

Arrange Sample Surveys

With less marketing budgets you can do marketing by arranging small sample testing surveys. Offer your products to the customers by presenting them the sample and let them decide they like it or not. This will have a great impact on the customer. If they have liked the product they will go for buying it. Nothing is more impact full than experiencing the product or service itself. This is the easiest and the most effective way to earn the trust for your product and service.

For business having low marketing budgets the most important thing is to decide critically who their important customers are. And then work hard in best possible ways to satisfy them. Be thank full and great full to your customers with small gestures and earn their trust and loyalty. Social media and email marketing are also the cheap ways to do marketing but their impact cannot be more than the above stated techniques.

“When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.” – Jake Sorofman


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