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Microsoft Face Crucial Week With Broken Windows

According to the Microsoft’s Matt Warman, the next campaign of Microsoft is to convince the people that their computer software now needs window 10. The advantage aspect of this new window is that it can be used on multiple devices. The chances are not that high that the reader is reading this article on window 8. According to the very acute survey, despite of billions of dollars of investment from America’s original computer giant Microsoft on window 8, only less than 10 per cent of PCs currently running Windows 8, in a whole world. As comparison with the desktop computer software, the tablets and phones running software made by Apple and Google is of growing importance.

In the numbers, one in five PCs still run Windows XP which is 14 years old and among them majority run Windows 7. The new improved window 10 described by Microsoft is not just here because the immense number of users need better computer software rather Microsoft wants to remains as vital as ever. It was also not expected by the users that the company will jump straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10. When it is introduced in 2012, initially the consumers did not love the uniquely stylish, new interface and dubbed that Start screen. Microsoft’s original idea about window 8 was to take advantage of the growing number of touchscreens, with Windows 8 designed for touch with big buttons and moving away from the traditional desktop model.



Windows 10

But ahead of its time, still the most users want a traditional way to get to Excel, Word and Paint. Those machines designed for Windows 8, have the superb and elegant computer software. Later the update, Windows 8.1, offered improvements but it was too little too late. It has been indicated by different approaches that as the window 7 liberated Windows Vista from a PR disaster, now Windows 10 faces the same challenge. The single platform would be provided to all Microsoft products, from phones to the Xbox, as well as tablets and PCs, with a single store to buy software from.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has outlined the company all centred ‘getting stuff done’ kind of apps and services, but the company has derived huge amounts of revenue from Windows, so it has been the platform on which global dominance in business has been built.  Despite the trend is like more and more people finding the iPad or a phone are all the business tools they need to flourish their business. Now we understand that the challenge for Microsoft is multilayered, they must have to prove their tablet reliability and easiness along with that it must also establish that the PC is still the best way of doing something, while yielding that PC is no longer the only option. Microsoft is claiming that window 10 computer software will end the split between old desktop and new look.

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