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Microsoft Windows 10 to be Unveiled on January 21


The next version of Microsoft Windows is ready to be released next month. Microsoft plans to unveil the Windows 10 operating system on January 2015. Speculation is growing about the new features that will be included in the forthcoming version of Windows 10. However, Microsoft is keeping it all a big secret. The only indication Microsoft has given is that the released version only had small fraction of what is included in the final version.

The consumer-friendly version as well as enterprise version of Windows 10 will be available from late January onward. This will be the next version of Windows, since Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2011. Windows operating systems have had some mixed responses from critics and users alike in the long history.

Some historical background to Windows Systems

The following assertion regarding historical facts about the Windows systems is based on the public perception of the historical facts:

It is generally accepted that users have positive memories of Windows 3.1, but they do not hold the same feelings for Windows 95. However, the later version, Windows 98 was very much liked and appreciated by the users. Then Windows Millennium Edition was a huge disappointment for users. Microsoft had developed a pattern for a miss and hit.  The routine has continued, and Microsoft managed to gain users confidence with Windows XP, which released in 2001, and it is still an industry standard, despite the fact that Microsoft have pulled the plug for its support.

Then Windows Vista was released in January 2007 and this was, not surprisingly, dissatisfaction.  Then, as expected, the next version, Windows 7 was well received by users and critics alike, and Microsoft failed to receive the same success for Windows 8. Now looking at the hit and miss past record, it can be predicted that Windows 10 will be better received and will not disappoint the users and critics. 1.5 million testers and 450,000 daily users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a good indication that future for Windows 10 is promising.

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