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Necessary Negotiation Skills for Salespeople

A sales person is an individual involved in selling goods to other people. The success of a sales person is measured with the quantity of products sold by him or her within a specific time period by using his or her persuading skills. Hence, there are so many important things to be considered while negotiating with the customers, as it is directly related with the success or failure of the sales person.



Some of the important things to remember while selling or convincing a buyer to buy the product are listed here as:

Listen Carefully

The most important skill a sales person must have is the “listening” ability. A sales person must have the tolerance and ability to listen what a customer is saying carefully. A sales person can ask anything to keep engaging the customer but in return listen properly what the other side has to say about it. It helps the sales person to actually ask relevant questions and clear the queries in what the customer is saying. Clearly focus on the customer and do not go for multi-tasking while handling a customer. It makes them feel ignored and they will leave you alone without buying anything as the right attention was not given to what they wanted to say. Keep repeating important things they have mentioned as important in their conversation. It will make them feel important and they will definitely buy something.


Present Properly

As a sales person you need to have the best presentation skills. While presenting anything you should have a focus on the customer needs rather than what you and your company is all about. Most of the sales people start with telling the history and goals and all the unnecessary things about their companies. Customer is never interested in knowing about the company. They are interested in the product. They want to know what will they gain if they buy it. How is the product beneficial for them? That’s all a customer wants. So, while presenting the products, cut the unnecessary and irrelevant talk and go straight to the point to which a customer is interested in.

Build Connection


Although in the world of internet marketing, buying and selling people still want to buy from shops and people directly. The sales people should have the ability to build a connection with their customers. This will help you in engaging the customer in a conversation that he or she really wants to get engaged in. Connecting with the customers means saying and doing what they actually want. You will be able to understand the customer’s problems. With a slight use of intelligence and skills you will be able to make a loyal and satisfied customer relationship.

Handle Objections

Objections, negative remarks and criticism from the customers is a perfectly normal thing. But the important thing is how you deal with it. I you suggest deal with it patiently and intelligently. Keep a record of objections that are faced most frequently. Then find the appropriate answers and solutions for those problems. Make sure to satisfy the customers by verbally saying that you understand what the problem is and you really wish to overcome the problems in a best possible way. Keep ensuring that you are finding solutions and at the end explain them briefly the remedies you have made to solve the problem.

A sales person needs to be focused, organized and persistent as well with all the above stated characteristics. This will not only satisfy the customers but also will be beneficial for the sales people themselves. As Jim Cathcart says, “Become the person who would attract the results you seek”.







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