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New Openness from Huawei

The Huawei one of the top Chinese giant of telecommunication equipment again comes up with on the screen with new opportunities. Mr. Ryan Ding chief executive of telecommunications carrier network equipment business at Huawei challenged that the company is one of the biggest and most successful international companies in China. This statement was said at the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s biggest event in Europe.

Unlike other companies, it is not something usual, but every time Huawei claims they will prove it. Like many Chinese concerns, Huawei has offered limited access to its decision-makers while we all know that country has become the engine of the world’s economic growth. At the telecommunications equipment convention, Mr. Ding was working the crowds of the rivals that include the names of the companies like Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks. Along with this, Mr. Ding was also unusually speaking with journalists.



“We hope that the more people know about Huawei, the more it will help us,” Mr. Ding said through an interpreter in Huawei’s crowded exhibition stand. “It is certainly a positive influence and help with our global business when we are open towards the government, media, customers and the general public.”

Mr. Ding stressed that it is now time for world to know the company’s story. That is a priority for Huawei to shut out from the U.S. market as a world’s biggest for telecommunication equipment, because lawmakers are concerned about its links to the Chinese government and military. Huawei rejects this claim of US Market. The company says that this attitude is encouraged by a congressional committee, is trade protectionism.

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