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Nothing Is Original, But Why Is It Ok to Copy?

New is what we are always in need of! Being a customer we might be looking for new technologies, new brands, new designs, new outlets and many more new things. While being in a business we might be striving for new customers, new products to be added in brand, new campaigns and many more like these. A common perception that prevails is that new and unique things are the ones which are better and more value providing than the already existing ones. With this idea prevailing how come we come along with new things every single time? This is one difficult question to be answered. The answer that might clear this confusion is that try copying! Copying does not actually means laziness or lack of ideas but the creativity lies in it. One can smartly use other peoples’ ideas and make them profitable for one’s own self.

Why Copying Sounds Uncomfortable?

It seems nothing wrong in copying other people’s successful ideas by making small improvisations in it and then applying it for your own purpose. Copying success of other in more smart ways is a matter of creativity rather than lacking the creativity. It is a smart move which can save, a business’s time in experimenting the ideas before implementing as the successful example is already in front of them. But for some people this may sound a uncomfortable and uneasy especially for the business whose customers value the new and unique ideas being produced by it.

We being human beings feel proud on our own presented ideas and thoughts and saying that we have copied it from someone else is just like proving ourselves dumb. The thought that we have copied some ideas might prove us not smart enough to be creative and unique in providing ideas and concepts. Individuality is what we always strive for in every situation and condition. On the other hand we are unaware of the fact that copying is one distinct human skill as well and possesses as much importance as any other human skill. It is a great way to survive in this world as there might come situations where individuality will not work and copying what someone else has done earlier in the similar condition may prove to be lifesaving.

We copy and keep on copying in the learning phases we copy the written laws and theories in our lives in our own ways to get to know and understand them more deeply and thoroughly. Then, why feel uneasy and uncomfortable while doing the same in copying the ideas? A business may have a perception that people prefer what “I” am doing and presenting rather than accepting the reality that it is what “We” are doing combined as an industry is what matters in decision making process of the consumers.

Why Copy?


When the word copy comes there are two different meanings attached with it. One is totally machine like copy and the other is replicating the ideas. Copying just as it is without even adding a single word from yourself in it is what gets wrong and backfired by the customers. Customers will never ever accept the exactly same thing as the others. While replicating means, just picking up the basic idea and then making it just according to your own creativity. In this case the idea and theme of the idea remains the same but the whole content is improvised and changed accordingly.

One can copy the ideas in solving the solutions from one’s own industry organizations while ideas from different industries can also be adopted and applied in various conditions. There is no harm in copying wisely and smartly rather copying blindly can cause a harm to your business. If the technologies were not copied by other companies from the one who is the inventor of it we would not be able to use the technology run gadgets the way we are using them now.

How To Copy & Create Better Ideas?

We are living in the time where we have to move way faster than we have moved earlier. We need new ideas and strategies continuously as the previous ones get unaffected and useless after few days or weeks. It is better to get someone else’s idea and create it into your own new idea within days rather than waiting six long months and coming up with a new but relatively ineffective idea.

Things can be changed and over engineered in a much better way than the already existing ones. Just like in the industry of watches the companies which were the pioneers of wrist watches are now selling the same watches in low prices and quality while the ones who have taken their ideas have totally changed the concept of wrist watches. There are now luxurious and many expensive watches available in the market which have basically the same technology and idea which was used by the pioneers but the advancements and modifications in them have changed the whole scenario.

One can also pick up an unusual and irrelevant feature of a product and start promoting it in its own individual way. Another way to produce creativity from the same ideas is to make the packaging of the product its own identity by picking up one special feature of the product and relating it directly with the packaging. There are various other ways where the same old ideas can be modified and molded in one’s own inspiration and creativity.

Mostly the basic root cause of many different problems is the same hence, the same kind of solutions can be applied in different situations accordingly. Similar approaches might be required by many people to solve various problems. One thing required is small changes and variations adopted for an individual issue.

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